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How To: Get Solid Black Using Fiber Reactive Dye

A Few Things About Black Dye:

Black can be the hardest color to get. We currently have 5 blacks. Each has a different color cast. All except #250 work well in direct application methods like tie-dye where the fabric is kept moist long enough for the dye to develop full color. Always remember to quadruple the dye when using black, and use 1.5 - 2 times as much salt.

You will see some differences depending upon which you use, your particular situation, and your techniques. When tub dyeing (solid shade dyeing), there are some clear differences...

#44 Better Black
This is our best selling black. Tub dyes with a purple-blue cast and edges are blue in tie-dye.

#39 Black
tub dyes with a grayish green cast and edges are blu ;in tie-dye.

#300 New Black
tub dyes with a very blue cast and edges are blue in tie-dye. Some of our good tie-dye customers say mixing #44 & #300 half and half give them good results.

#250 Jet Black
Unfortunately, we have had to discontinue this popular black. It was already expensive, and the price was going to double. We did not think the market would bear it. If a color does not sell well, we cannot meet manufacturer minimum orders, and still offer the freshest dye on the market.

#275 Hot Black - NEW!
Best tub dyed in hot (130° to 150°F) water, like the #250, which it is replacing. Tub dyes with a deep black cast on cotton. #250 ran red, this one tends more towards blue, so not the same. With Soda Ash on silk is a deep blackish brown, with vinegar on silk, came out black in our tests. Tie-dye came out really black for us in warm ambient room temp of 75°F or more, cured overnight - warmer is better! (unlike #250 which came out green or grey in ambient temperature tie-dye) We are very excited about this black!

For best tub dyed blacks, use Dharma Dye Fixative in a final soak in HOT water for 30 minutes before washing out the excess dye. Black is a tough color - you have to use a lot of dye and when tub dyeing, use 1.5 to 2 times the salt! Do NOT use Fiber Reactive Procion Dye to get black on silk, use acid dye on wool and silk for solid black. Exception - try our NEW #275 Hot Black!

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