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Inkjet Super Soft Transfer Paper Instructions


  1. Choose your image and do a test print on regular paper first to be sure it’s how you want it to appear. Remember your transfer will be ironed on the shirt face down so you’ll need to reverse the image so any text or numerals read properly on the fabric. Place the paper carefully in the paper tray after fanning on all four sides. Make sure the paper is not curled or bent at the leading edge.
  2. Print on treated (rough/matte) side. Not the shiny paper backing. (When printing we recommend 360 dpi or normal setting).

    Important: After printing your image, do your transfer as soon as the ink is dry. If you don’t plan on doing your transfer within an hour or so, store the printed sheet in a plastic bag so the paper does not dry out.
  3. Prepare the material you will be transferring on by ironing on a flat hard smooth non-porous surface. Use a counter top covered with an ironing sheet or pillowcase in order to protect the surface. Do not use an ironing board it’s too soft.
  4. Place the image face down on your fabric.
  5. Iron your transfer with lots of pressure for 2-3 minutes over each small section of the transfer, first going in one direction, then going in the opposite direction. Use the cotton setting. NO STEAM! The iron has to be dry.
  6. Use a press cloth or parchment paper to cover the transfer and protect your iron.
  7. Let the transfer cool for 3 minutes or so, then you can carefully peel off the paper backing.

Using a commercial heat press

  1. Set heat press for 375°.
  2. Set heat press for medium pressure.
  3. Apply pressure for 25 seconds.
  4. The transfer paper can be peeled hot or cold.

Storage: (Important)

Transfer paper DOES have a shelf life ~ 6 months depending upon storage. Paper must be kept sealed in it’s plastic bag. High humidity or dry conditions can shorten shelf life. Store the paper flat in a cool, dark place.

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