Digital pH Meter w/Manual Calibration

Digital pH Meter w/Manual Calibration
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We love our pH paper. But we also know how difficult it can be to check the pH in a dye bath that already has color. The pH600 is a pH tester can be used in many different applications and is considered an excellent starter unit for digital pH measurement. The calibration procedure is very simple and fast. This tester has 1 point manual calibration, ±0.1 pH accuracy and a range of 0.0 to 14.0 pH. The pH600 is supplied in a snap over “oyster shell” plastic packaging complete with calibration screwdriver, 20 ml of 7.01 calibration solution, batteries and instructions. Take the guesswork out dyeing, you won't be sorry.

Never let the probe dry out. Always keep the unit stored in water - using a cup or jar. DO NOT USE DISTILLED OR DEIONIZED WATER. The pH meter will not give accurate readings in purified water because distilled and deionised water do not have enough ions for the electrode to function accurately. The values will fluctuate but not be accurate.

Please note : There may be a build up of salt(white foam) between the cap and the unit itself. Don't worry this is normal. Remove plastic tab in battery compartment before using.

Made in: CHINA (CN)

Range	        0.0 to 14.0 pH
Resolution	0.1 pH
Accuracy	±0.1 pH
Calibration	manual, 1 point
Environment	0 to 50°C / 32 to 122°F; max RH 95%
Battery Type	3 x 1.5V, alkaline (included)
Battery Life	approx. 700 hours of continuous use
Dimensions	150 x 30 x 24 mm
Weight	        85 g

Digital pH Meter w/Manual Calibration FAQ


What is pH..?
The concentration of hydrogen ions is commonly expressed in terms of the pH scale. Low pH corresponds to high hydrogen ion concentration and vice versa. A substance that when added to water increases the concentration of hydrogen ions (while lowering the pH) is called an acid. A substance that reduces the concentration of hydrogen ions (while raising the pH), is called a base.

What is a pH buffer..?
Some substances enable solutions to resist pH changes when an acid or base is added. Such substances are called buffers. Buffers are very important in helping organisms maintain a relatively constant pH.

If I order a pH meter, what accessories do I need to use with it..?
Your pH meter will come with everything you need to get started. You should consider ordering at least two pH buffers, one at pH 7 and the other at either pH 4 or 10, as well as storage solution to prolong the life of your probe. 

Why does my new pH probe have some type of salt around the cap..?
Salt build up around the probe when it is new is from probe protective shipping solution, and it is normal to see crusting around the protective cap. Rinse the salt off and let the probe soak for an hour in 4.01 calibration solution, storage solution or bottled water, then follow the calibration procedure instructions.

Why is my pH reading jumping all over the place..?
If you're using your pH controller or moniter in either an electrolytic or saline environment, such as aquatic or hydroponic uses, try removing your pH probe and place it into a cup of the same solution you're trying to measure. If the numbers stop jumping around, then its likely that you have stray voltage in your system that is being picked up by the pH probe. Once you have isolated the source of this voltage and corrected it, your readings should be fine.

What is the expected pH probe life..?
This pH meter is warranted for six months, and should last from 18 to 24 months if the probe is clean and kept wet in the proper storage solution.

How do I test my pH probe to see if it needs replacing..?
A simple test can be performed using Windex glass cleaner with ammonia, and any type of soft drink. The procedure is as follows; turn your meter or tester on and place the probe in a soft drink, which is acidic, and the reading will be from 2.7 to 3.9. Then go to the Windex with ammonia which is alkaline. Your display should move very quickly up the scale to a point above 10.0. If the probe slowly moves up the scale, then it is time to consider replacing it.

How do I clean my pH probe..?
You should use MA9016 cleaning solution for cleaning your probe, and MA9015 for storage of the probe when not in use.


How often should I do pH Calibration..?
To be the most accurate, you should calibrate before each use or set of uses. However, most units will hold calibration very well. If you are using your unit everyday, then check it once each day. If you get a reading that is above or below what you were expecting, then check the calibration at that point and retest your solution. You can find a Calibration and Probe reference chart on the Tech Tips page of this web site.

How should I store my pH probe..?
You should use MA9016 cleaning solution for cleaning your probe, and MA9015 for storage of the probe when not in use. All pH probes use a cloth junction in the construction of the probe. This cloth is part of the diagnostic process in reading the pH. Never let the probe dry out. If the cloth becomes dry, the unit will not be able to read.

Can I reuse my pH calibration solution..?
No, evaporation and contamination quickly change the mix.

What are the symptoms of weak batteries..?
For the end user to be assured that the readings are accurate and not worry about battery strength, all Milwaukee Instruments units are designed to shut down when the batteries become too weak to give an accurate reading.

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1 star rating
Very disappointing. I bought this last year and used it maybe 10 times. I had it in water and turned of. Seems while not in use the battery drained. Not worth buying
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