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Felting Tools 
Felt is a non-woven cloth that is produced by matting, condensing and pressing fibers. Over 8,000 years old felt is the oldest known fabric in history and it is just as fun to make now as it was then! Now with the development of techniques like knitted felt, needle felting, and nuno felting there is a felting project for everyone and you don't even have to get wet.
Clover Felting Needle Tool & Refill Needles
Discounted as low as $6.74
Clover Felting Needle Mat
Discounted as low as $9.15
Clover Needle Felting Pen Style Tool
Get it for $12.99
Felting Blender Tool
Discounted as low as $12.25
Original Felting Stone
Get it for $9.89
Colonial Needle Felting Foam
Discounted as low as $10.35
Silk/Merino Nuno Felting Scarf Kits
Discounted as low as $18.39
Needle Felting Kit
Get it for $44.95
Aleene's Platinum Bond Super Fabric Adhesive
Discounted as low as $3.49
Felting Supplies
Get it for $1.59
Nina Soft Spin Dryer
Get it for $134.99
Eucalan Wool & Silk Wash
Get it for $4.65

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