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HotFix Jewels, Studs, Spikes & Tools 
Here is a very fun selection of Hot Fix Swaroski® Crystals (the best in the business!), Craft Safe (Low Lead) Crystals, economical Rhinestuds and Nailheads that can be easily and permanently heat set on fabric and other materials, Urban Edge Spikes that can be added quickly and easily for a little extra flare, as well as all the tools and applicators you need to work with them.
Let your imagination run wild with the ultimate embellishments. Add some PIZZAZZ (Kids call it "Bling" now, so we're dating ourselves) to garments and accessories, make them more creative, more fun, more unique, and therefore more valuable. Mix and match with design work using our metallic, glitter, or puff Fabric Paints. Create your own designs using our Mylar Carrier Sheets, use Stencils for even patterns, or place them individually as accents.
Heat melts the glue on their backs and sets them permanently to fabric and any other surface that hot glue works on (just can't be too slick). They can be set individually with either of our two Applicator Tools, or with an iron. You can also set whole designs that you have arranged on the sticky Mylar sheets with our Geo Knight Heat Presses or our Steam Press (using dry heat).
Swarovski® 4mm HotFix Crystal Packs
Discounted as low as $4.18
Swarovski® Xilion HotFix Crystal Mix Packs
Get it for $2.95
Swarovski® HotFix Crystals - bulk packs, other sizes
Discounted as low as $3.03
CPSIA Compliant Low Lead Craft Safe Hot Fix Crystals 4mm
Get it for $2.50
HotFix Nailheads - Lead Free
Discounted as low as $2.26
Urban Edge Spikes
Get it for $4.00
HotFix Metallic Rhinestuds - Lead Free
Discounted as low as $2.95
Rhinestone Setter Hotfix Applicator
Discounted as low as $9.49
Mini Iron
Get it for $19.99
Jewel Picker
Get it for $2.69
Crafting Tweezers Set - 3PK
Get it for $3.59
Grip-n-Grip No-slip Mat
Get it for $14.89
Bead Storage Box with 12 Small Canisters
Get it for $5.39

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