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Product Description
This is a nifty low cost device which allows you to magnify up to 5X and project a design, drawing, photo, or a small 3D object onto your canvas where you can then trace it or paint it.

You place your image under the Projecta Scope (it handles about a 4" x 4" area at a time, so you do larger designs in segments). Hang your canvas on a wall and adjust the Projecta Scope so your design is projected in the size and position you wish. Then trace the design onto the fabric. It works quite well and is a tremendous time saver. It uses a 75 watt household bulb (not included) and normal house current. Since there is no fan, stop and let it cool down if it gets too hot.

Made in: THAILAND (TH)

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6 Reviews
Average Customer Review
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I used this to draw pictures on my fabric but you have to put it on a table and it has to be about 10 feet away from the wall in order to be a large picture and Ive noticed that If I wish to move in closer and make the picture smaller It tends to become somewhat blurry and I can not see to good to draw the pic on the fabric....You do have to move the projectiscope around the drawing and when I did this I got confused and could not get the picture lined up with where I drew on the fabric.. It is ok but I wished it would include the whole picture at one time...
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I returned it as I couldn't get the focus to work well enough to draw an image.
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I expected a clear image I could trace onto my silk. This does not do it. I am thinking of returning it.
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It works!! I am happy a great way to enlarge photographs or prints I want to Batik
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I was so glad to see you had this projector. I didn't know where I was going to find one.
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