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Speedball Screen Fabric Rolls (42" wide X 5yrds. long)

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  Rolls - 8xx Multifilament
  Rolls - 12xx Multifilament
  Rolls - 14xx Multifilament
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Product Description

You asked so here it is: rolls of screen print mesh to re-cover used screens or to make custom sized screens, in several different mesh sizes for all your fabric printing needs. These 42" wide X 5yrds. long mesh rolls can be cut to fit whatever size screen you choose to work with.

Silk is no longer used for Screen Printing. Today most screens are either Polyester Monofilament or Multifilament Polyester. The Monofilament mesh size is indicated with a number such as 80, 120, or 140. Multifilament mesh size is rated as 8XX, 12XX, or 14XX. The 80 and 8XX refer to the same screen size, as does the 120 with the 12XX and so on and so forth. A larger number means the mesh will be finer, or more threads & holes per inch. The finer the mesh, the more crisp the details. However, this can also limit the amount of ink that goes through the screen if your ink's particles are bigger than the holes of the mesh. If the ink particles are too big for your mesh, it can cause your screen to get clogged.

8xx (80 mesh) multifilament - Great for printing those metallic inks that generally clog finer mesh. Glitz it up!

12xx (120 mesh) multifilament - This is the most commonly used mesh size for screen printing on fabric, great detail and works well with most types of fabric printing inks.

14xx (140 mesh) multifilament - If you want fine hairline detail this is the mesh for you. A good choice for printing on paper. For use with thinner inks, avoid using with metallic inks.

We also carry pre-sized 12xx Multifilament replacement mesh sheets for screens up to 10" X 14".

Made in: JAPAN (JP)

Drop shipment: order $200 subtotal of Speedball products; otherwise its a Special Order and may take up to 4 weeks for us to receive and ship from here.

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