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Sponge Applicator Heads - with 8oz. SB

Good for Kid's projects.

 4.80 ( 6 review )
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Product Description

Great for Kid's projects!

Put some liquid in 8 oz. squeeze bottle and bingo - you can sponge on whatever is in the bottle. Squeeze for a faster rate of flow. Sponge is 1" in diameter.

Comes with a cap to keep the sponge from drying out and an 8 oz. squeeze bottle to hold the liquid.

Made in: FRANCE (FR)

6 Reviews
Average Customer Review
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This is the perfect thing to cover wide areas of fabric with an even amount of dye. I bought two just before they ran out. I wish I had bought ten. Never before have I covered so much silk ground in such a short amount of time! BRING THEM BACK!
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Does exactly what I bought it for (probably not its intended purpose). Note: after removing the inner seal (which can be used to prevent leaking during travel or long-term periods of inactivity) you need to puncture through the glue that holds the sponge in place or you will get nothing to come out. For the less-than-brilliant it should include some instructions.
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Liked the concept of these a lot. Had to remove white Styrofoam disc inside cap and use a tack to prick a hole in sponge to allow the dye to come thru. Works good!
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These squeeze bottles work great! It would be perfect if you also carried a smaller size say a 4oz bottle for a lower price.
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easy to use
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