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Yarn Counter

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Product Description

A sturdy yarn counter adapted from the fishing industry, which will count the length of any yarn or thread in feet, up to 1000 feet, before requiring resetting.

Comes with complete instructions and diagrams.

To use:

  1. Clamp the platform holding the winder to any solid surface (clamp not included, so you will need a woodworking clamp or similar).
  2. With the side lever in the OFF position, place the thread to be counted into the slot. Lift the side lever up to the ON position to engage the counter.
  3. Tension is requited on the input side. Threading the yarn through the two input eyes will depend on the thread or yarn being counted. Pull a few feet through to make sure counting is proceeding. On the output side, the yarn only needs to go through the single eye.
  4. Note that the counter will work in both directions. To start, press the reset button setting the counter to "0".
  5. If the yarn should bind, the engaging lever will automatically release and return to the off position. Adjustment of the release is controlled by the small knob on the end of the counter.
Made in: CHINA (CN)

1 Reviews
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It is of by 10% but the deviation seems to be constant. I use it privately so I can use it thus but if I want to sell my yarn I will have to measure differently.
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