Tray Dyeing Book and DVD

by Claire Benn and Leslie Morgan

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Soft cover - 44 pages
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Tray dyeing. It sounds straightforward enough doesn't it? What you may not expect is that you can achieve an infinite variety of effects and textures on your fabric using this simple and exciting version of a low immersion dyeing technique with Procion type Fiber Reactive dyes. Now this extraordinarily popular book includes a 40 minute demonstrational DVD that will give you a very thorough introduction to this unique dye process.


Leslie Morgan and Claire Benn deliver precise and well thought out instructions for every step; from the preliminaries of understanding color schemes and harmonies, choosing your fabrics and selecting your equipment, to specific formulas for mixing up your dye and chemical solutions. There are even recipes for using your leftover dyes. Strikingly photographed examples of every part of the process, including fabric manipulation and dye application, coupled with detailed explanations of the role of every component you will be using, along with the ever so handy trouble shooting section.

This book makes a fantastic addition to any dyer’s library for creating those one of a kind pieces of fabric that can be used "...for quilts, stitched textiles, textile art, clothing, soft furnishings, interior designs, sculpture, accessories and even jewelry."

8.25" x 11.75" - Soft cover - Color photos - 44 pages. DVD Universal/Worldwide format.

In order to provide you with the best possible customer service we went through the book and made a list off all the products we carry that it recommend for projects. We hope this will save you time and money in extra shipping costs! Tray Dyeing recommends that you purchase:

Mixing Cups
Rubber Gloves
Dust Mask
Plastic Drop Cloth
Procion Dyes
Soda Ash
Dyer's Salt
Squeeze bottles
Disposeable Plastic Pipettes


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This book isn't quite what I was hoping for. There is a lot of basic information which is good but for an experienced dyer it is a little lacking. There are some good pictures of fabric and dye in the tray and some completed pieces but not much before and after. Some of the in-process pictures left me wondering what they look like afterward. Also there are some beautifully dyed pieces but no pictures or explanations of how they got there. I much prefer Ann Johnston's Color By Accident.
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WOW! Lost of great information about color dying different textures of fabric different arrangement of fabric. Start off with one color and then goes really crazy with multicolor and over dyes. Packed full of inspiration and great ideas.
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This is the book you want. I am so impressed. Everything I'm dying is coming out so very awesome. Theses women are fantastic. You can do anything after reading the book and watching to DVD. Thanks Dharma
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This book was a great help as I am new to dying fabric. I am a quilter and love the idea of using my own fabric designs with others that I buy. Thanks for the variety of book choices
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Highly recommend it.. This will become a great resource. You can never have enough books on techniques and ideas when it comes to dyeing fabrics
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