Kresto Kolor Ultra

Formally known as Reduran

Hand cleaner for dyes and stains

Every dyer's best friend! This cream has quite an international reputation. Although it has a new look and size, rest assured it's the same great product. It is an industrial cleansing cream made in Germany specifically for removing dyes from skin. Squeeze some from the 250 ml tube onto DRY skin, rub it in really well, and then wash it off - presto!

This stuff works like magic on most colors (some colors are more stubborn than others) and won't wreck your skin. Much safer than bleach solutions! Even if you use gloves, it's a good idea to keep a tube around for any little "incidents". (Social situations require fewer explanations when your hands aren't green.) Don't get it on your clothes, because it might do its job there too!

*note - rarely, some blues, like Turquoise, for example, sometimes just get "reduced" by this cleaner instead of removed, then when exposed to oxygen, as when your hands dry, the dye oxidizes and appears again. This is rare, but if it happens, the color left will not harm your skin and will eventually come off. It is like discharging, all dyes do not react the same to the various chemicals used for discharging. This is one reason gloves are always recommended!


11/15/19 manufacturing issues. No due date at this time.

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This cream is great. Very easy to use. Works best with slightly damp hands. Rub it on stain and it's gone. The fresher the stain the easier it comes off.
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Works great to remove Jacquard dyes. I've used it for years - never fails. Even used it to help take out dye stains from brick and wooden floors!
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This is the best! It really works! Just a little bit on your hands will take off the dye. I was dying just before my wedding and had dye on my hands used the cleaner and it all came off.
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Really removes the dye! But not absolutely completely. Maybe if I'd been willing to rub even longer.
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I don't know how this doesn't work for some of you but I use this stuff for EVERYTHING that gets on my hands (or face hey it happens when you're dyeing). I use it when getting berry juice while baking getting that yukky stuff off you get on your hands working on tomato plants and my husband has just discovered it. He uses it after working on his greasy car "works better than my orange stuff" he says.
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