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Here's one of our popular Good Luck Banners! (the standard being 17 feet high, #GLBN). How cool is that!? They have a long casing slot sewn along the edge that can accommodate a 1.5" diameter or 4" circumference pole or pipe (we used PVC pipe) - pipe should be at least 70" or more in length. Add extra pole length for insertion into ground, potted plant, lawn or whatever. Add a lot of pole if you want to embed it into sand. For lots of extended outdoor use, we suggest using the Cotton or Nylon Banners.

NOTE: For solid colors or tie-dye: the Nylon Good Luck Banners need to be dyed with Acid Dye, or they can be tie-dyed with Acid dye using the direct application method, or tie-dyed with other silk dyes or thin silk paints. The Cotton Good Luck Banners can be dyed or tie-dyed with Dharma Fiber Reactive Procion Dye. Both can be dyed with iDye for faster and less professional results. For painting, all the fabric paints will work on all the fabrics.

-Dye them, tie-dye them, print or paint them.
-Use to make colorful accents and attract attention to a booth.
-Use for real estate open houses.
-Use to line housing driveways. -Use to draw attention to yard sales and other outdoor events,
-Use to happy up a party or family gathering.
-Use to trumpet a wedding.
-Use to dress up an entrance or hallway.
-Use to spice up lots of things.

Many uses when decorating a home or business - and you'll have the coolest home and workplace ever!

Short Banner is:
13" at bottom width
4" across top where casing ends at tail section
69" high without the tail
Tail is 27" long with an additional 6" star attached
Banner Casing width is 2.25" across (4.5" opened up in the round)

Long Banner is:
27" at bottom width
10.75" across top where casing ends at tail section
144" high (4 yards) without the tail
Tail is 61" long with an additional 6" star attached
Banner Casing width is 2.25" across (4.5" opened up in the round)

Made in: CHINA (CN)

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