Jeanie Denim Dye

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These are discontinued by Jacquard. Check out the iDye page for similar product.

Ever wish those boring old blue jeans added a little more excitement to your wardrobe?
Jeanie Denim Dye can help them do just that! Much like iDye in the way that it's packaged, Jeanie is a half ounce pouch you drop in your washing machine or pot on the stove top. No mess, no mixing, no measuring.

Overdye color will depend on the original jeans color. Full color will be most apparent on the lightest parts of the jeans, while minimal color will appear on the darkest parts.
A single 1/2 ounce packet will dye 1-3 pairs of jeans.


This product has been discontinued. See iDye


Jeanie Denim Dye Instructions

Pre-wash new jeans in hot water to remove sizing.
Dyed denim should always be laundered in cold water with like colors


For maximum color intensity, use the stovetop method.
The hotter the dye bath gets, the more intense the color will be.

  • Fill a pot with enough warm water for the jeans to move freely. Turn heat on medium.
  • Add the Jeanie soluble dye packet and stir until fully dissolved.
  • Add jeans to the dye bath and raise temperature to a simmer, just below boiling (185°F/85°C).
  • Maintain simmer and stir frequently for ½ hour.

OPTIONAL: To increase color intensity, add 1 cup pre-dissolved salt after 15 minutes.

  • Turn off heat and remove the fabric from the dye bath. Use caution and wear gloves as the fabric and dye bath will be hot and may stain skin. Jeanie is septic and sewer safe and may be poured down the drain.
  • Wash the fabric in cool water with a mild detergent.

NOTE: Utensils and pot used for dyeing should not be used for food.


  • Set machine to longest and hottest cycle with the lowest water level.
  • Begin cycle and add the dissolvable dye packet once there is water in the tank.
  • Allow the dye to fully dissolve and then add jeans.
  • If possible, extend the dyeing time by resetting the wash timer, and allow the cycle to complete.

OPTIONAL: To increase color intensity, add 1 cup salt half-way through cycle.


  • Pre-dissolve the dye packet in a jar of hot water.
  • Place jeans in washer and begin the longest and hottest cycle with the lowest water level.
  • Once the tank has filled with water, introduce the dissolved dye through the detergent drawer and allow the cycle to complete.

OPTIONAL: To increase color intensity, add 1 cup pre-dissolved salt half-way through cycle.

- For font loading machines with no drawer, simply place the dissolvable dye packet in the washer with jeans and run the longest, hottest cycle.
- For front loading machines with a pre-wash flush, add the dye between the flush and wash cycles.

To avoid residual dye in washer, remove jeans and run an additional wash cycle once dyeing is complete.

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I used Olive with the salt added for more intensity. The color ended up very dark olive much darker than the color shown online. I started with white jeans and just a word of warning....topstitching thread does not take dye! So my dark olive jeans have white topstitching but it actually looks cool. The dye was easy to use and I like the results! Would definitely use again wish there were more colors such as khaki or light tan. Overall very good product!
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Worked as expected but the color is awesome!! Would totally use again!
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New to me for usage. turned out as expected.
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I could have sworn I'd ordered "charcoal" -- with an eye towards making my oil stained light gray jeans darker. When they came out of the washer a color that was definitely not charcoal my mother said "Maybe they'll dry that color."Can you say happy accident? I absolutely LOVE my jeans in this beautiful CHESTNUT color!! This product was easy to use and looks amazing. I get compliments on my jeans all the time now.I recommend Jeanie for a quick easy no fuss dye job! Just make sure you know which color you've ordered.
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