Limited Edition Dharma Fiber Reactive Falltones for 2017

USE FOR: Tie-Dye, Tub Dyeing, Low Immersion Dyeing, Batik, Dye Painting, Silk Painting, Screen & Block Printing or Stenciling, even Tie-dyeing Silk in a Microwave

USE ON: All natural Fibers (Cotton, Rayon, Hemp, Silk, etc.), Wood, Cane, and Rattan

Smaller sizes are gone. Purchase our larger sizes here.

These colors are inspired by the Pantone® Fall 2017 Colors!

Brilliant, mouth-watering, and permanent, they don't fade, even after repeated washings. Superior to supermarket dyes in every way! Fiber Reactive Dyes are the dye of choice for tie-dye, batik and other techniques of dyeing cotton, rayon, hemp, linen and other natural fibers. 6 are Limited editions, & when they're gone, they're gone. If a couple prove extremely popular, who knows... they could have a future. The best news: We will keep the recipes, and designers who want to add these colors to their lines will always be able to order them in 5 lb sizes on up - 5 lbs being the smallest amount of dye that is practical for us to mix.

Use Dharma Fiber Reactive Procion type Dyes for:

Colors above (from samples done on cotton) are intended as a guide. They may vary from monitor to monitor (depending on the quality and your personal settings) and may not match actual dyed fabrics. Some colors can shift dramatically on proteins such as silk and wool (for example, black gives a lovely maroon or brown). Colors can shift due to water conditions, temperature, etc., and dyelots can vary sometimes. When your end color needs to be very specific, we recommend a test first, before dyeing your main project or going into production. All of the colors can be mixed for an endless pallet!

A Few Things About Purchasing Dye:

  • Colors without a star require 1 level tablespoon (1/4 to 1/2 oz.) for each lb. of fabric to closely match the color card. Note that more precise results can be achieved using a scale and our Procion Dye Yields Estimator.
  • Colors with * require 2X as much dye.
  • Colors with * * require 4X as much dye.

Colors marked (T) contain #25 Turquoise these colors:

  1. Require more rinsing to remove the excess dye than do other colors.
  2. Warmer tap water (up to 130°F) when vat dyeing, can yield deeper shades.
  3. Using Glauber's salt instead of plain salt when vat dyeing can also improve results.


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I bought one of each earlier this year and dyed with them about two months ago. I did the simplest technique just throwing a yard of fabric in with a half cup of dye adding another cup and leaving it alone overnight.
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