Crimped Cut Hot Fix Angelina

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1/2 oz. Crimped Cut $4.95 $4.65

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322 - Aurora Crystalina
323 - Blue Magic Crystalina
326 - Pink Tickle
327 - Cobalt Sparkle
328 - Raspberry Sparkle
361 - Forest Blaze
362 - Peacock
363 - Wisteria
364 - Ultraviolet
374 - Calypso Blue
376 - Watermelon
380 - Silver Iris
3UP - Gold Iris
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These "hot fix" fibers may be heat bonded together to produce a non-woven type of fabric. Heat bonding occurs when the fibers soften and fuse together. The temperature required is dependent upon several variables including heat, dwell time and applied pressure. Approximate bonding temperatures around 225 degrees Fahrenheit. Since temperature gauges on irons vary widely, it is best to test a small amount to determine your correct bonding temperature. Place a small amount of fiber between two Pressing Sheets. Heat iron to "Silk" setting. With a little pressure, iron the fibers for 5 seconds, turn over and iron again.
The bonded Angelina can be glued or sewn on to fabrics or paper. It can also be into integrated into roving just take the two and mash them together until you get your desired result. Once you are happy with the look it can be needle felted into other pieces.
There is no difference in the use of the Metallic or Crimped vs Straight cut. They are bonded and used in exactly the same way. They just have a different look. The crimped cut is cut 4 times wider than the straight cut. The straight cut and metallics (which are straight cut) are 15 denier. The crimped is 58 denier. Since there is more surface to reflect light, it is quite a bit shinier than the straight cut. It also has a little jagged edge which gives it more texture than the straight cut. And, it feels more like fabric when it is bonded.

Sampler packs have 1/10th ounce of six colors.  Jelly Beans have 1/10th ounce of 14 colors. 
The Angelina Fibers come in a straight cut, metallic (also straight cut) and a crimped cut. The Metallic Angelina Fibers are much richer colors and are a little shinier than the regular straight cut. The Crimped Angelina has a jagged edge which gives it more texture than the straight cut. And, it feels more like fabric when it is bonded.


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FR - Fireworks, SN - Sunset $11.00 $9.99 9.25
JY - Jelly Beans $26.00 $23.99 21.89
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FR - Fireworks
JY - Jelly Beans
SN - Sunset
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The Bo-Nash Bonding Agent Starter Kit is a great way to bond our Angelina Fibers to fabric. It makes fabric repair look easy!

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Bo-Nash Bonding Agent Starter Kit $15.99 $14.95 13.95
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1 oz.
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