Paverpol Halloween Decorations

Fabric Sculpting is a fun way to make great decorations for your haunted house or your harvest table. And with Paverpol Fabric Hardener sculpting with fabric has never been easier! Paverpol is so easy to use you don’t need to have any mad skills to make some great spooky decorations! Let us show you how!

To make the ghost:

Attach your Wire Skeleton to the base, we used a cardboard box covered in a plastic bag so we could remove our skeleton later and make him fly.

Crumple aluminum foil around wire skeleton to form a rough head and rough arms and hands. Since ghosts are not very defined figures all you want is something to give support. If desired, you may use a Styrofoam egg pushed down over the top wire skeleton loop for the head. Squeeze foil firmly around skeleton - it will make your figure stronger. Secure any loose pieces, like the arms, with tape to make draping easier.

Practice draping your fabric over the form, this will give you an idea of how big a piece to cut, our piece was about 20 x 20.

Dip the fabric into Paverpol and knead the Paverpol into the fabric; it should be well saturated but not dripping wet.

Drape the fabric over your form, you have about 5-10 min or so to adjust the drape until it will become too stiff. If you need to you can add more foil to the arms for better support.

When finished the first wrapping let your ghost dry. You can use a hairdryer to help speed the initial drying time (but NOT a heat gun). In approximately 48 hours, your figurine will be hard enough that you can gently remove the skeleton and foil.

Hang your ghost for some ghoulish fun!

To make the pumpkin:

Start by making the form of your pumpkin. Take one plastic bag and scrunch up all the other bags inside it. Tie the bag closed and twist the handles, they will become the stem. Tape around the stem to make it firm then trim it to the length you want.

Using more masking tape, tape the bags into sections. Start at the stem and pull the tape down the side and to the bottom of the pumpkin. Work your way around. This is what will make it look like a pumpkin. You can also use string if you like for very defined sections.

Dip your fabric strips into Paverpol. Knead the Paverpol into the fabric; it should be well saturated but not dripping wet. Squeeze out any extra Paverpol from the strip before applying it.

Drape the fabric over your form, starting from the stem and down to the underside of the pumpkin. Once you have covered the sides wrap the stem. You have about 10 min or so to adjust the drape until it will get too stiff.

To make the leaf cut one of the strips into 3 sections and layer them. Cut a rough leaf shape and trim the edge a little jagged for effect. Rub on the Paverpol and then position the leaf at the base of the stem.  For the tendril wrap a 4-5 inch twist of foil in a strip of fabric, twist it around a finger to get the curly shape and position it next to the leaf. Add as many leaves or tendrils as you like.

When finished the wrapping let your pumpkin dry. You can use a hairdryer to help speed the initial drying time (but NOT a heat gun). In approximately 48 hours it will be dry enough to paint. We used the 543 Burnt Orange for the body of the pumpkin. For the stem we first panted on the 587- Green, when that was dry we dry brushed on the 542- Citrine to give the stem some texture

Put your pumpkin outside or use as a great center piece all autumn long. If you plan to put it outside, a coating of Paverpol Varnish is recommended

IMPORTANT!: Do not pour Paverpol down your drain—keep a container of water at your workstation and rinse hands and brushes frequently. Dispose of water in flower garden, etc., as it is non-toxic. When dry, remaining solids can be discarded in any trash receptacle. While Paverpol is water-based and non-toxic, it is made to cure rock-hard, and you don’t want it stuck in your plumbing. You might want to wear disposable gloves while using Paverpol  products.

Ghost shopping list:

Clean 100% cotton fabric. We used Cotton Print Cloth. You can also use Gauze or Bleached Harem Cloth for spooky effects!

1 small Wire Skeleton

A base; we used a cardboard box

1/2 liter Transparent Paverpol Fabric Hardener

Paverplast (for outdoor ghosts)

Aluminum Foil

Masking tape: we suggest 1"

Black Sharpie

Pumpkin shopping list:

Strips of 100% cotton fabric. We used Cotton Print Cloth (#CPC)

A bunch of plastic grocery bags

1/2 liter Transparent Paverpol Fabric Hardener

Masking tape: we suggest 1"

Lumiere and Neopaque Paints: 543 Burnt Orange, 542 Citrine and 587 Green

A twist of aluminum foil

Remember!: Paverpol sticks to everything but plastic, so you would want to cover your work area with newspaper and a plastic drop cloth.

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