Airbrush Temporary Tattoo Ink

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USE FOR: Airbrushing & Stenciling

USE ON: Human Skin

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We are always scouring the world for clothing and the stuff to make it into real Wearable Art. The ultimate Wearable Art has been in front of our nose the whole time and we never saw it! Tattoos are everywhere. But some folks don't want to have an old girlfriend's name above their butt 30 years from now. Others just aren't sure if the body-art they are considering is the right one for the rest of their lives. Or if you are like me, a sissy that won't go through the pain of having a sharp needle jabbed into his skin thousands and thousands of times, Dharma comes to the rescue.

Totally Tattoo Temporary Tattoo Ink! Just paint, dab, or airbrush it on with stencils, and there you have it. This body art ink lasts 24-72 hours, but is easily removed with rubbing alcohol. Available in 12 mixable colors, so you can get all the right shades. It contains alcohol, so work in a well ventilated area and don't get it in your eyes.

Now you can try out any tattoo that can be painted on you. Thinking about a butterfly on the ankle? Skull and crossbones on the arm? Give it a shot for a couple days. If you are unsure about the design, try out some of our pre cut Tattoo Stencils, or get creative and make your own with Stencil Film. Perfect for those of us that have trouble with commitment.

Note: This product is not intended for use on face.

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I've tried a lot of airbrush tattoo paints and compared them all to each other. None outlasted or outperformed this tattoo paint.
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Loads of people thought that I had really gotten a tattoo. I even got hit on by an old biker dude because he thought it was real.
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Although I wish it was less expensive I've tried all the temporary tattoo inks I could find and I tested them against each other. This is by far the longest lasting and easiest to use.
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These are really easy to use and they smell nice too. Good range of colors.
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