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Sorry! This product has been discontinued and is no longer on sale.

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This item has been discontinued by the manufacture. They say a new and improved machine will be launched in sometime in 2012. We will keep you guys as updated as possible! We are still carrying all the accessories.

The Yudu™ personal screen printing system is perhaps the most exciting development in screen printing in some time. When I encountered it at the 2009 Craft and Hobby Association fair I knew that the Yudu system was something we needed so I beat my way through the crowds to watch the demo. This one machine will not only act as a screen printing press, allowing you to make multiple prints over and over with ease, but it also is an exposure unit and flash dryer. You can put photo emulsion on your screen, burn the screen (no darkroom needed), and dry it, all with this one machine. It"s like having a whole screen printing shop right in your studio!

Great for personal and home use, for making shirts for your team, your hiking club, motorcycle group, company shirts for your employees, shirts for the school fund raiser, wearing around your own art, you name it. With access to a computer and an ink-jet printer, you'll be able to create and print your own designs not only for t-shirts or other apparel, but also for home decor, art prints, posters, cards, school work, and much more! With this revolutionary personal screen printer, you can let your voice be heard today, no matter where you are or what you're doing.

The Yudu personal screen printing system comes with all of the following:

We've been asked if the kit is all inclusive. The basics you need to get started are included in the kit. It only comes with a small black ink so you might want to buy some Speedball or Versatex Printing Ink. In addition some folks buy extra emulsion sheets in case they mess up, emulsion remover if you want to re-use the same screen and an extra screen if you want more than one image. Other then that you don't need anything else. The registration panels are useful if you are doing a multi-colored print but that's about it.

Note: The Yudu Screen Printing Machine is set for 120v and any standard power converter will work for international plugs. Also the photo emulsion sheets do have a shelf life of up to 6 months, if kept in light-less, temperature controlled conditions.

 Yudu Statement of Limited Warranty

Made in: CHINA (CN)


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I have to say I was really excited to come to Dharma Trading and purchase my Yudu machine...I couldn't wait to get home and open it...I was a little leary at first wondering why they were selling their machines so cheap and on my receipt it didn't say whet the $199.00 purchase was but they took care of me assuring me that if anything was wrongh I could return it...I was praying nothing was wrong with it...Well I opened it and inspected it and it seemed ok...So I was satisfied...I started playing around with it practicing with the emulsion (messed up a cpl times but its ok trial and error) and on to actually printing on my shirts..messed up a cpl times but again trial and error...Now i'm an expert! lol! I Love this machine! My shirts look great!! I recomend it to any one who wants to learn screen printing or is already doing it...the supplies are a little pricey but you can shop around...the prices at Dharma are pretty good :)
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This machine works like they say. However in all the tutorials and videos I have looked at it no one ruins emulsion sheets burns and image crooked or prints a pocket image in the middle of the chest like I have...multiple times. If I was on a limited budget I would have been in despair and given up. I really wish there was some real help with lining up the image before burning so that it prints in the correct place. Four of my emulsion screens were wasted by the fact that I could not use the platen to put the image where I wanted it. Or letters were at an angle because I didn't burn it right or the t-shirt although it looked straight was not. I wasted 4 emulsion sheets as well by not getting enough water or too much and the emulsion running off the sheet. I am waiting for liquid emulsion to see if that is cheaper to waste while I learn. Someone please give some more detailed lessons.
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I am very happy with my Yudu. The capability of detail in the screens is very good. It will take a few tries to get the hang of getting the emulsion onto the screens properly but I wouldn't say it was too hard. I would say that they underestimate their stated drying times. It took 45 minutes to an hour for my screens to dry but I do live in a humid climate. I found that it took just about the same amount of time to dry whether I was using their drying racks and the internal fan or just placing the screen under the breeze of a ceiling fan. Anyway creating the screen is just the first step in the printing process and I didn't find the time it took me to make one to be too excessive. I love all the features of the yudu and I love that it takes up so little space compared to all the conventional screen printing equipment that it replaces. If you are running a large operation the Yudu might not be sufficient but for most artists it's an economical alternative.
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I have been enjoying this machine few first time mistakes... 1.Once you lay emulsion down on wet screen don't try to pull off and reapply. 2.emulsion must be COMPLETELY dry before burning image. These are mistakes that cost me $20 in materials..
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I admit it. I was a little worried about jumping into the unknown after reading all the reviews about photo emulsion not working and the hassles...really - if you read the instructions watch the videos on this site a number of times - you are set. I added too much water - it still worked. I added too little water - I still coaxed it to work. You just need to be patient and allow for the screen to dry completely before beginning. Also ditch the cheap squeegee and get the rubber ended one. When doing a lot of t-shirts keep the screen flooded. I am a complete novice at this (although I have a fine arts bkgd) and I have completed at least 4 mass projects (20 ) shirts in addition to little ones for my family in the last month. I am addicted!! Thanks to everyone that rated this product and gave their advice it helped me so much!
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