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April 2010
It's April.
In searching for ways to improve our already excellent customer service, during the month of April, Dharma employees will hand deliver your order to your location, unpack it and assist you with your project.
After, we will clean up and make dinner. Just check the box marked "Normal service" in checkout.
This month:
Featured artists * Spring Gifts From Dharma * 'Laser' Heat Setting * Dyeing Your Couch * Featured Products * Did You Know...? Fur Takes Fabric Dye!
Karina Byron
Barefoot Knitting
Sarafina Molinsky
Food Felt
Logan Runner
Tin Foil Productions
Brian L. Walden
Lint Trap Clothing Awesome!
Spring Gifts From Dharma!
Heat Setting With Lazers
How To Dye Your Couch
Dyeable Bunny Rabbit
These Cute little bunnies come in either white or black and are of the 'Angora' breed. We HIGHLY advise against discharging the black ones. They may take dye but they are not made to withstand acidic paste.
Who doesn't like lasers? The 1980's were built on the foundations of lasers and what they could become. These heat setting laser pens come in two power levels which are used depending on the weight of your fabric.
Helper Monkey Kit
You asked for it. We managed to get it! Well, kind of...this is an application for your very own helper monkey and information about what you will need to care for it. Scroll down to the 'Are you really REALLY sure?' section of the FAQ before purchasing this kit.
Dyeable Couch
Reduced shipping for the month of April! These couches are made from an Organic Bamboo/Alpaca blend (80/20) and take dye beautifully. They are available in regular, loveseat, sectional, or chaise lounge while supplies last.
Did You Know...?

We'd love to see photos of your projects! If you had a tie dye party or a wedding with hand painted clothing or did something cool at camp with our products, send a photo to and we might even add it to our website.

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