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Mini Marbling Kit

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Product Description

If you have ever wanted to try marbling, this mini kit with it's excellent instructions walks you through the process to produce beautiful results on fabric or paper with ease. Everything you'll need is included to use on your own fabric.

Kit includes:

  • 6 1/2 oz. Versatex Marbling colors (Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Black, White)
  • 5 oz. Alum Mordant
  • 2 oz. Methocel
  • Complete Instructions

Other items needed:

  • Shallow tray (2" or less deep)
  • Ammonia
  • Newsprint
  • The fabric or paper to be marbled
  • Combs, forks, pins to draw in the ink with

9 Reviews
Average Customer Review
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I don't think methycel is the best. Most of the colors sink. Essentially you can only do one color marbling because the second usually sinks.
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I put in a rating for this but basically the paints do not spread well except for red which absolutely takes over and scrunches the other colors to nothing. I tried marbling with other materials and it is great fun. This kit gives an unfortunate misrepresentation to the art.
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The paints where very hard to squeeze to get any to come out. They did not work good at all. We luckily had acrylic paint we cut with water that worked a thousand times better.
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I bought this set as an easy way to start to learn marbling. Happily I used other materials first. I like methylcellulose
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Not very good for the money. Not exactly cheap and alot of stuffing around to get it set up. The red colour took over every time so we had to stop using it. Some colours kept sinking and others didn't. Out of about 12 pages of paper there is only 2 that really worked and look good the rest just look like water paint spilled all over the page.
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The kit is great for paper and fabric. Directions are easy to follow and I have been able to keep the marbling surface mixture over a week to use off and on.
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Sure wish I'd read the reviews before purchasing! Red was out of control!!! It went everywhere. Two of the colors worked fairly well the others sink. I know I can thin out the thick ones but how on earth do you fix the red???? Not a good producet at all! Very frustrating. Can anyone suggest better paints?
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paints were thicker and seemed older than other kits in my class like they had been on the shelf awhile. Another woman in my class had the same problem.
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The paints did not work as should. Black would not float other colors sank to bottom fairly quickly most would not diffuse out. I tried a friends Dharma marble paints and they worked much better.
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