Handwoven Cotton Scarves (Style #9)

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11" x 60", 37" x 80"
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Pattern #9 11" x 60"
This size discontinued.
Pattern #9 37" x 80"
This size discontinued.
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Medium open check. This is a very open weave, but after washing the fabric will crinkle and fill in to become less open, with a horizontal emphasis. The scale of repeat is 1" square, and the yarn used is a single-ply*.

We found a small village on the island of Java in Indonesia where the men handweave these cotton scarves and shawls on handmade wooden looms. The intricate openwork patterns have been handed down through the generations, father to son. The natural cotton thread is purchased in big "hanks" and wound onto spools using old bicycle rims. The loom is then "dressed" which is very time consuming. The weaving itself then goes relatively quickly. We are getting them in 11 patterns, each in 4 sizes. Being completely handmade, the charm is in the irregularities and the sizes are approximate. They can be dyed and tie-dyed with our Fiber Reactive dyes into any of 100 colors. Because of how long they take to make and get here, we can't be sure they will always be in stock, so get 'em while we got 'em.

*There are two types of cotton yarn used in these scarves,
1) "Singles" yarn, meaning single-ply yarn, is used in scarf styles 2, 7 and 9.
2) The other scarves are woven with a fine 2-ply yarn.

Due to the handmade nature of this item all sizes are approximate.
Shrinkage: Expect approximately 10% shrinkage in both directions, with hand washing and line drying. Keep them away from your washer and dryer.
Each size has an additional 2-4 inch "loose" fringe on the two ends.


No measurements are available for this item. 
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Love them. However the musty and moldy smell would probably put off younger buyers who weren't familiar with how to launder and treat moldy smelling clothes. I had to use hot water detergent Febreeze and lots of fabric softener then hung them outside to deodorize.
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Ordered this item to Test as a project to Tie Dye for a summer camp Summer 2011.......Liked it so well I will be ordering more for my grand children to make as Christmas gifts.........great project............
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Dyed beautifully got very soft and after pressing were very nice. Will buy these again good value.
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Love theses scarves as much as my customers do. Accept dyes beautifully.
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These handwoven scarves have a nice energy.
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