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Scheewe Wax Resist Sticks

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Product Description
I know what you're thinking, those look like the crayons they include inside egg dyeing kits. Although you may be right, have you tried them for batik? They draw freely and wash out completely. Way easier than busting out your melting pot and wax and batik tools. They're so cool they may even draw the lines for you! Okay maybe not, but what about a secret signature that shows up once you wash your dye out? Eh? Or better yet dye your project, draw your design then overdye it. Yeah! Now we're talking! Got another use for them? Let us know.
Made in: CHINA (CN)


1 Reviews
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I tried using these on 8mm silk and I would NOT recommend them for SILK. They do not glide so they pull too much on the silk fabric. They did not hold up under steam setting either. The designs I drew completely disappeared and all that was left was a slightly water resistant plain colored silk scarf.They probably work better on cotton but I have not tested them yet on any other fabric.
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