Licorice Twist Yarn

100% merino wool

Licorice Twist Yarn
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Licorice Twist has a secret: one of the plies of this four-ply wool is more dye-absorbent, resulting in a fantastic tweed effect, even when it's dyed a solid color. When dyed with multi-colors, the secret strand adds complexity to the mix. We suggest using acid dyes. It's 100% merino wool, plump and rounded, with a natural spring that renders it a joy to work with. Feltable. It's a classic worsted weight yarn, ideal for throws, mitts, sweaters and any garment. Hand wash, dry flat.

  • 100% Merino Wool
    *barber-poles when dyed*
  • Approximately 8 oz., approx. 560 yds.
  • Approximately 20 sts per 4" on US 7-9 or 4.5-5.5mm
  • Spun in the US
  • Dyes best with Acid Dyes

Please note our yarn is typically sold by weight. Yardage is approximate.


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5 star rating
This has become my new favorite yarn. The feel is fantastic. It takes both acid dyes and natural dyes phenomenally. The different absorbances between the plies creates a heathered appearance on single colors. When I do color banding with the acid dyes it triples the color variations. My customers love it. They buy it as fast as I can dye it.
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5 star rating
dont know what to think about this yarn. used espresso bean acid dye expecting something between purple and brown. got neither. 1% DOS= grey. overdye with 1.25 DOS= darker grey. will NOT take the red in this particular formula. bizarre. unsatisfactory. will avoid this yarn.
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5 star rating
I had a skein of this in my stash and had forgotten its secret different ply (I think 1 of the plies is super-wash so it absorbs more color?)Dyed it in a big vat of unopened redwood cones and got a FANTASTIC result. A nice redwoody red with a very saturated darker red streak. Incredible especially as it was a surprise. Would use again!I wonder if this is a yarn that needs to be scoured before using? If it still has spinning oil on it none of the wool will absorb dye well. Might be why others were disappointed?
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2 star rating
I dyed with natural indigo. There was no color differentiation. (There was when wet but as soon as it dried nothing.) When I dyed with indigo and osage orange the green had slight variation in it. I was super disappointed about the blue. I wouldn't recommend for natural dying. As yarn its fine its not super soft wool. If I can figure out how to upload pictures I will.
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