Batik Workshop DVD

by Rosi Robinson

Batik Workshop DVD
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Once again Rosi Robinson takes us on an insightful tour through the beautiful world of batik. You may have had the opportunity to read some of Rosi's books but now you can see the techniques as they happen, almost as good as being in one of her classes! Four hours of inspirational batik workshops that are sure to appeal to both teachers and students of batik. This is the step-by-step Batik DVD that we have been waiting for! A bonus - learn to batik on both paper and fabric!

Disc one is all about the "Paper Workshop". Rosi explores the ways to use waxes, tools and dyes to come up with some incredible effects on many different types of paper. Wall art, greeting cards and illuminated lamps are covered in this DVD.

Disc two covers the "Fabric Workshop". Here we are shown the uses of traditional and non-traditional utensils on both silk and cotton. Rosi teaches us how to use batiking tools from around the world as well as things from around the house! Along the way she answers many of the most common questions about how to create your own batik and what to do when things go wrong. Playable in All Regions.

UPDATE: Rosi Robinson has teamed with Studio Galli again and created an online workshop! Check it out HERE and get 10% off today!


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5 star rating
This was a wonderful introduction to the many ways wax and fabricpaper can interact! I'm very much a beginner and through this video I felt like I was sitting down with a good friend chatting with her about what she knows and what she's learned over the years. I even liked it that once or twice she said "well that didn't work the way I expected it to". I found that very liberating. The video was structurededited so that Rosi's time was used effectively...just enough so we knew what to do but not so much detail that we had to wait around for her to finish. The range of materials she used (paper silk cotton) and the color mixing she demonstrated (blue and yellow make green) answers many of the questions I had before watching this video. I finished the session just itching to get my hands on fabric and dye and wax confident that I could use her excellent instructions to get started and assured I could try new techniques to develop my own style. Bravo. All that was missing was a cup of tea and a biscuit!
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4 star rating
This teacher is very knowledgeable about batik and explains details about her processes in both paper and fabric. I understand batik better now and as a newbie I am ready to apply what I have learned from this workshop. I wish a little more time had been spent on the differences in appearance of designs between wax types as well as types of melting pots to use and how to manage tjapps in them. A little less time could have been spent on her drawing lines for designs although there was a good emphasis on the variety of brushes and tools one can use. Her painterly batiks are truly inspirational as well as her larger pieces or free-form designs. I'd give it 5 stars if the lacks I mentioned above were addressed.
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4 star rating
The first tape was wonderful but the second tape was blank. I contacted the staff of Dharma and they rapidly sent me another tape and it was also wonderful and full of instructional information. As always thanks to the Dharma staff
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5 star rating
This is a great video. I really needed to start from a beginner level with this technique even though I've been an artist for a very long time. This video is great. She has a very intuitive way of working which I love. I would recommend this video to anyone who wants to learn how to do batik.
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5 star rating
Great experience ... wonderful ideas ... good demo within the DVD. Very clear. I can only recommend these 2 DVDs.
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