Deconstructed Screen Printing DVD

by Kerr Grabowski

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2 discs - 210 minutes
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In this visually stimulating DVD, Fiber Artist Kerr Grabowski leads you through the exciting and versatile process she has dubbed Deconstructed Screen Printing. This technique is not a science. You will not get identical results with each print as with traditional screen printing. Each print with the same screen will evolve and change.

In this technique, objects with interesting texture are placed beneath a blank, clean screen. Thickened dye is then applied to the screen where it builds up along the lines of texture created by the covered object. Once the screen is dry, it can then be printed with release paste, which actually serves to re-moisten the thickened dye, allowing it to deposit on the printing surface. As the screen is used, the prints will change, and morph, as more dye is deposited and less dye remains on the screen. This breakdown of the concept of identical prints, as well as the breakdown of the initial screen image, is what lends the title "Deconstructed" Screen Printing.

For beginners and experts alike, this 3+ hr video covers the basics and demonstrates techniques that, while easy to use, will yield sophisticated results that are sure the trigger the artist's muse! Included are instructions on screens, squeegees, print boards, Fiber Reactive MX dye, and print paste. In addition, this DVD is full of inspiring samples of students work and a gallery of artists using DSP in their own work. This DVD is so enthralling it nearly shut down the office when we viewed it the first time!

2 discs - 210 minutes running length - NTSC

Supplies you need to start working with DSP:


Highly recommended:

Optional to try all techniques:

Stuff from home:

  • Items to make a print surface (print board)
  • Textural items (like bubble wrap etc. Use your imagination!)


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Kerr gives specific diretions for setting up preparing dyes and pulling prints. The many examples gave me many ideas to explore.
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Very informative. Great service as always
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Kerr's DVD is exceptional! She is so thorough in her instructions from assembling (and building when possible) supplies to techniques for printing to the final artwork. I recommend this to everyone interested in this technique of screen printing.
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Kerr is wonderful! I have watched the 2nd disc 3 times.
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Have seen it probably 5 times already and have tried it all!
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