Natural Dye Workshop: Colors of Provence Using Sustainable Methods

by Michel Garcia

Natural Dye Workshop: Colors of Provence Using Sustainable Methods
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About the Botanist, Chemist, Dyer, and Naturalist. Michel Garcia is a botanist, chemist, dyer, and naturalist. He is the founder of Couleur Garance (1998) in Lauris, France, and established Le Jardin Conservatoire de Plantes Tinctoriales (Botanical Garden of Dye Plants) in 2002 as a horticultural resource for chemists, natural dye researchers, and botanists. He has been instrumental in revitalizing the natural dye scene in France and abroad. Michel’s efforts have been pivotal to cultivating a greater understanding of natural dye history and teaching more sustainable adaptations for current practice.

The Dharma employee who previewed this DVD to make sure it was up to our standards said "It’s GREAT!!! The DVD that natural dyers have been waiting years for!" Dive into a world of natural dye as Michel takes you on a wonderful journey, sharing his knowledge as one of the leading natural dye experts in the world. Learn how he has updated traditional European methods - once laborious and often polluting - into simpler, safer, modern recipes sensitive to issues of sustainability. This DVD is sure to appeal to all varieties of dyers and textile enthusiasts interested in how things work in the natural world. Learn how to use natural raw materials sensibly, artistically, and simply.

Disc One: Comprehensive Indigo Workshop using European Indigo (woad) and an ingenious resist paste. Indigo pigment extraction demonstration is followed by two quick totally organic reduction methods to kick start the vat.

Disc Two: Polychromatic color swatch projects on cotton are carried out using a variety of dye plants (oak gall nut, artichoke leaves, sawort, red leaved grape vine), extract (logwood), and insect (cochineal), combined with different concentrations of two simple mordants. Dipping in the same dye bath, stamping blocks, brush painting, and discharging effect are explained.

Info: 2 Discs; 183 min.; Worldwide format. English narration & subtitle. Produced by Yoshiko I. Wada and Slow Fiber Studios, a program of the World Shibori Network. Directed and filmed on location in Provence, France, by Andrew Galli of Studio Galli Productions. DVD made in the USA.


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5 star rating
wonderful inspiring and more important michelle's formula for indigo really works!
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5 star rating
This is absolutely marvelous. I've watched the first DVD so far and am about to watch the second-- I can feel my whole sense of the possibilities of dyeing and of my ability to do it opening up. Can't recommend highly enough and I will definitely be buying the other two DVDs in his series.
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