Screen Printing - Layering Textiles with Colour, Texture & Imagery Book/DVD

By Claire Benn & Leslie Morgan

This is not your average screen printing book. Renowned textile artists Claire Benn and Leslie Morgan deliver the goods with this invaluable guide to building layers of depth, color and texture on your fabric. Thoroughly covering all the basics of the process, Leslie and Claire effectively demystify this popular surface design technique while introducing the reader to a wealth of creative non traditional printing methods. This book will open your eyes to the endless design possibilities available to you by utilizing everyday materials you already have on hand. Dyes, paints, resists, discharge agents and a wide variety of other media are covered right down to specific recipes for their use. The book is accompanied by an instructional DVD that takes you step by step all the way through one of the over 25 different printing methods covered in the book for creating designs with your screen. Over 150 beautifully detailed photographs make this conveniently spiral bound manual a very enjoyable learning resource that you will revisit again and again.

8.75" x 11.75" - Soft Cover, Spiral Bound, 80 pages - DVD approx. 45 Minutes

In order to provide you with the best possible customer service we went through the book and made a list off all the products we carry that it recommend for projects. We hope this will save you time and money in extra shipping costs! Screen Printing recommends that you purchase:

Mixing Cups
Rubber Gloves
Plastic Drop Cloth
Screen Printing Materials
Measuring Cups
Newsprint Paper
Masking Tape
Soy Wax Flakes
Stencil Film
Soda Ash
Sodium Alginate
Water Softener
Color Remover (Thiox)
Dharma Discharge Paste


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This book is one of the most comprehensive informational books on screen painting that I now have in my library. I have learned so much and want to try every technique and I will. A must have....
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BUY THIS BOOK. Just do it. I have many books on surface design have done some screen printing and I find this book fabulous. It is very clear concise and presents so many ideas for screening marks on fabric that your head may explode. The single concept of having only a few screens and many temporary re-usable stencils ALONE will more than make up for the cost of the book. One thing I would add: for more durable temp stencils spend some bucks and use screen printing mesh and proceed as they suggest for lightweight interfacing better quality print longer lasting.They purposely do not cover any photo-emulsion techniques as they find it "fussy" and prefer an organic look but I wonder why that couldn't be done with temporary stencils as well.The DVD is very short and only covers how to do the actual screening not any of the stencil making but it is very helpful to see how the Big Girls play. All in all a first-rate book that will keep you busy for years.
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very good packaging promt shipping with pleasure again!!!Christl
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Excellent book filled with many creative ideas. Can't wait to try some of them.
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Covers interesting and unusual methods for art pieces rather than production. Example pieces are inspirational. If you don't wantneed a DVD there are less expensive books depicting the same or very similar range of techniques. You would want a different reference for production work or photo emulsion methods.
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