Angelus Leather Preparer and Deglazer

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Angelus Leather Preparer and Deglazer is an all-purpose cleaner and stripper for leather articles. Product can be used to de-glaze factory finishes from shoes, purses, holsters, saddles, etc. Leather Preparer and Deglazer will tend to strip color from leather articles only and is not recommended for use on plastic or vinyl.


Wet cloth with Angelus Deglazer and apply to leather, removing the factory finish. Rotate pad frequently to get best results and use heavy duty rubber gloves. When using cotton balls on shoes make sure to frequently dispose of the used balls. You will end up using almost a whole bag of 200 cotton balls taking off the manufactures wax coating. Make sure not to douse the cotton ball with the deglazer or you will end up wasting most of your liquid. Wipe excess from leather, allow a few min to dry then apply Angelus leather paint or dye and allow to dry. Add the Angelus Acrylic finisher and you have a beautiful piece of hand painted leather.

**Because this is flammable, we can only ship them by UPS SurePost, UPS Ground and FedEx Surface, only to the continental U.S.



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a little expensive use Acetone instead its cheaper and works just as well for what I do (customize leather shoes)!
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I used this product to prep some cowboy boots for re-dying. You need to work in a well ventilated area and use lots of cotton balls or folded paper towel pads if you keep using the same one you just end up spreading the old finish around instead of removing it.
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Cleaned off some old scuffing and oils very nicely it does stink to high heaven so be sure to ventilate of course!
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I prepped a pair of closed toe leather shoes. I used cotton tip applicators to get into the tight angles of the shoe and square cotton pads purchased at my local dollar store for the rest of the shoe. Exercise extreme caution not to get this on any rubber part of the shoe it will melt the rubber. It took 2 or 3 passes to completely remove the wax coating. You can notice the difference between the completed areas of the shoe and the uncompleted areas of the shoe. Cleaned the shoes then painted the leather paint from Angelus which is an awesome product as well. My thoughts on this product! I hope this is helpful.
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Wow! It really takes off the factory finish well and yet the shoes still look great. I expected the factory finish to look dull afterwards but it looked fine.
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