Dharma's Dyehouse Color Remover

Thiourea dioxide (AKA Thiox, Spectralite)

Dharma's Dyehouse Color Remover

We have experienced significant cost increases for this item. That paired with its short shelf life made us find another color remover. Check out JACSH. It has a much longer shelf life and can also be used in your indigo vats!


Also called Thiox or Spectralite, this chemical (Thiourea Dioxide) is often listed as one of the ingredients in Indigo dyeing recipes.

DyeHouse Color Remover was actually invented to remove the color from whole pieces of fabric, also for "reverse" Shibori, or tie dye where you are removing dye in a pattern from something already dyed - either by simmering in a pot on a stove or using very hot tap water in a bucket or washing machine, which can be heated more by adding boiling water (carefully!). It works with varying degrees of effectiveness depending on the dye and the colors to which it is being applied. Simmering works best. It is usually very effective for use in correcting dyeing mistakes made with Procion dyes, again, depending on the color. Some colors discharge totally, others change color. (Occasionally, some blues seem to come out and then come back after you pull the out and expose them to air) Testing first is always recommended! Not to be used with Aluminum, cast iron or copper pans or utensils. Stainless steel or enamelled pots work best. A 2 oz. packet is good for about 4 lbs. of fabric. You'll also need 8 oz. of soda ash and some Synthrapol.  See our discharging instructions in our How To section.

Always work in a well ventilated area. We recommend that you use Color Remover with a Respirator Mask using Gas/Vapor Cartridges especially if you have allergies or asthma as this product has been known to aggravate those conditions.

To prolong shelf life, store in airtight container in a cool place. Exposure to moisture and heat makes it go bad. It will gradually turn yellowish if it has gone bad. It has about a 6 month shelf life when stored under optimal conditions. When in doubt, test!


**Because this is flammable, we can only ship them by UPS SurePost, UPS Ground and FedEx Surface, only to the continental U.S.


See JACSH for replacement

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5 star rating
I ordered this whole system of color remover from Dharma to remove color from a couple dresses I bought recently. The first dress (redburgundyorange) came out much as I had been hoping (not so ugly!) so I moved on to the deep blue dress. I used the same water as the red dress and the reaction seemed to be going according to plan. The fabric looked white in the water so I dumped out the whole mess. As air and cool water came in contact with the fabric I watched-in amazement-as the fabric went yellow then green then back to blue! There was a lot of blue in the water too but the dress was most definitely still dark blue. I made up another mixture figuring I screwed up the batch by using the old water. I waited for the water to boil and the fabric to go white then dumped everything out. AGAIN the fabric did this amazing turn around! I figured-maybe I need to boil the snot out of it-as the fabric seems to hold on to the color when it's cool. After boiling the dress for more than an hour and still finding that when I pulled the fabric out that it reverted to blue I called Dharma. The people there were so nice! They hooked me up with someone who knew of my issue and she told me that while my issue was rare it was not unheard of with blue dye. She had several good tips for what to do next and we had a good laugh at how strange the situation was. In conclusion I washed the dress it came out light blue after all that I am happy with it and I will recommend everyone I know to the great people of Dharma Trading Co.
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5 star rating
it was a wonderful product my only problem was the fabric needs to boil in solution and I was doing a large heavy channelle bedspread. We did it in the bathtub pouring several batches of boiling solution over. It worked and I am very happy with my bedspread
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5 star rating
I use this to discharge black shirts with tie-dye methods and the results are fantastic. Use the largest pot that will fit on your stove. This stuff likes lots of room.
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5 star rating
Worked perfectly on my ugly silk blend baby wrap. And the bonus it didn't smell as bad as I thought it would.
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4 star rating
color is hard to predict but that is part of the excitement of using this product. Would have liked more instructions or a suggested projects printout to think about.
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