Elmers Washable Gel Glue

Elmers Washable Gel Glue

This washable, no-run school glue gel will keep you from feeling blue about your projects. For an easy, kid friendly faux batik resist look no further. Works wonderfully for writing right on the fabric, no need for a small gutta bottle. Bold lines are great for nice, clear text or designs.
Doodle your design, allow the glue to completely dry, apply your dyes or paints, set your color and then the glue washes out with soap and hot water. If tub dyeing or dip dyeing use cold water dyes as warm to hot water will start to remove the glue lines!
Easier than glueing your hand to your desk!

For professional batik lines and sure fire results nothing can beat traditional wax or resist methods. That being said, for lazy-day art projects the gel glue technique has been around for a while now and can be a ton of fun with minimal cleanup and no need for additional applicators, tjantings or wax skillets.


Sorry, this item has been discontinued.

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5 star rating
I read the other reviews and had the same experience with being unable to wash all of the glue out and the fabric being really stiff when it was dry. But seeing the result despite the stiffness was worth looking for a solution. Trying to scrub it out was time consuming and didn't really get all the glue out either. But I found a solution that left the fabric soft and glue-free. After I had batched the dye and it was time to wash out the dye and glue I rinsed it well. Then I placed the wet fabric on a flat smooth sheet of plexi ( it's used as an inking plate normally)and took an old plastic gift card to scrap the glue off. Holding the card almost parallel to the plexi it was easy to scrape the now sticky glue off of the fabric. I kept a rag next to me and continued to scrape the glue off of the wet fabric. It was easy to see where the glue remained and I just kept moving the fabric around on the plexi until I had scraped every area.I rinsed it a bit and went back over it making sure I had scraped all the glue off. It took me just a few minutes to scrape a yard and a half of fabric. I then tossed it in the wash with synthrapol and the fabric when dry was beautifully soft without a trace of glue and my resist designs looked great. It also conserved a precious commodity- water! The glue technique is a great alternative for batik or other resist method. I will be doing many more glue resist peojects now that I can get the glue completely out and a soft hand to the fabric.
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3 star rating
Used for a faux-batik effect with fiber reactive dyes on cotton. Presoaked items in soda ash allowed to dry applied glue allowed to dry applied dye allowed to dry applied glue allowed to dry applied more dye etc. The glue would not wash out at all. It's still there making the fabric stiff and horrible. It worked fabulously as a resist on a silk hanky with fiber reactive dyes every bit washed out and the hanky is lovely.
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4 star rating
worked well but could use a smaller nozzle.
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5 star rating
I like to use this glue for faux batik. It works great.
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1 star rating
does not really work. bleeds and is difficult to wash out. Still trying to get some out of a shirt after double coating to make sure it resisted the dye.....dye still got through it. not a fan
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