Fire Retardant Clear Matte


Fire Retardant Clear Matte
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This particular flame retardant is a Class B interior, intumescent, latex, clear, flat coating. It has a non-hazardous, non-toxic, non-carcinogenic formulation. Intumescent coatings will insulate the surface from the heat for a short period of time by swelling up and expanding when exposed to flame, producing a heat resistant charred surface.
The product is meant for use on wood, fiberboard, plasterboard, cardboard, foliage and works well on pretty much any surface that could use a clear, flat flame-retardant coating.
For business purposes, if you wish Certification for the State of California it requires that a California State Certified Applicator be the one to do the actual application of the product so that the job complies with requirements of the California State Fire Marshal.

Things to Know:

  • Always be protected! Wear clothing, mask and gloves suitable for latex coatings.
  • May be tinted with any water-soluble dispersible tint.
  • Consistency of paint. Clear, flat coating.
  • Material may be applied with an air or airless spray, brush or roller.
  • Shelf life is two years if stored properly.
  • Once container is opened chemical must be used completely.
  • You must not allow product to freeze. Store between 40°f and 80°f.
  • Do not add water or change chemical composition in any way.
  • Closed containers exposed to heat may rupture due to pressure build-up.

Prepare and Apply:

Prepare substrate by sanding and removing any silicone or oil based coatings that may already be on wood.
The coating will not adhere to a surface that has not been properly prepared.
Mix well.
As mentioned above, there are several ways to apply this material; air or airless spray, brush or roller.
Apply at the rate of 1 gallon per 200 square feet in two coats.
Allow first coat to dry thoroughly before applying second coat.
Cover entire exposed area.

California State Fire Marshal #C-10005, ASTM E84, Meets ANS No. 2.5, NFPA 255, UL No. 723, UBC 42.1 Previously Approved ICBO #3656

Please Note: This particular fire retardant is made when the order is placed.
In most cases it will ship the day of the order but on rare occasion it may take longer. Please call us if you are facing a deadline.


Ships only via FedEx. If outside of the U.S. these must be shipped using either FedEx Priority or FedEx Economy.

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