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Jacquard Screen Ink Discharge
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Looking for a way to ensure your colors will pop on dark fabrics without laying down an undercoat of white ink?

This break-through product will allow you to achieve bright, vibrant color on dyed dark fabrics! Jacquard Screen Print Discharge is a concentrated fluid, discharging a wide range of dyes on a wide assortment of fabrics, silks and cottons. Simply add to your screen ink, screen and steam. This process helps retain a softer hand on your fabric than is achievable with multiple layers of ink and reduces the amount of screening necessary.

Works only on dyed fabrics and we recommend testing to ensure that the dye used in your fabric is dischargable.


  1. Add 7% by weight to Jacquard Professional Screen Inks (2 tsp/4 oz. container).
  2. Mix thoroughly.
  3. Screen image and let sit for 30 minutes, allowing ink to dry slightly. It can also be applied with a brush, stenciled, whatever.
  4. Steam iron at the highest temperature appropriate for fabric for 1-3 minutes or until image is fully developed. Inks can also be cured/activated immediately after print in an industrial dryer for screen printers at the highest appropriate temperature for fabric.


  • Steam ironing is recommended for best results. Always iron with good ventilation when using discharge chemicals.
  • Viscosity of ink can be affected by Jacquard Dishcharge Additive.
  • Wash thoroughly to remove the chemicals.
  • As with all discharge systems, this product will only work on substrates dyed with "dischargeable dyes", so test first!

We were also excited to discover that this product is especially effective when mixed into a standard sodium alginate/water paste, and used just for plain discharging. You can use varying proportions for varying results. Very delicate detail can be achieved with this product. We were able to discharge stuff that Discharge Paste would not. We were also able to discharge with this product, thickened, over fabric that was already discharged with other products, and where the two overlapped, the effect was best of all. Using more than one discharge product on various dye mixes can yeild some pretty interesting textural results!

Thickened, you can apply with a brush, applicator bottle, silkscreen with it or stencil it, then let it dry. As above, iron with a household iron and a lot of steam, and watch the discharge develop from a little bit to a bold effect with longer steam ironing. Wash thoroughly to remove the chemicals.

Some dye colors won't discharge well, within any company line of dyes. Dharma's black silk fabrics may discharge well one year, but not the next, varying by manufacturer's dye choices. Testing is paramount when discharging with any discharging agents.



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