Jacquard Removable Water Based Resist

New and Improved!

Replaces Clear Water Based Resist

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NEW FORMULA Removable Water-based Resist (Replaces  "Clear Water Based Resist")

Jacquard folks have outdone themselves!  Members of silk painting organizations were asked to test the final product - see their rave reviews below!

Removable Water-based Resist is a superior resist that easily washes out with warm water (even after steaming or setting), revealing the white or colored silk beneath. This new formula holds a crisp line without spreading and does not shrink or pucker when dry. Always paint the dye or paint on after the resist is dry. Never submerge in a dye bath.

Removable Resist may be tinted with any water-based dye for colored lines and is screenable, odorless, alcohol-free and non-toxic. Steaming will set any dye used to color the resist, then wash out the resist, and the colored line will remain.

New Formula Improvements:

  • Doesn't spread
  • Resists better
  • Easily tinted
  • Smoother consistency
  • Washes out better after steaming
  • Thicker, so can also be painted on, stenciled on and silkscreened on!
  • Use a small amount of water to thin
  • Use for "faux batik" just like the old, discontinued Inko Resist


New Formula of #JACCR - white and thicker

Average Customer Review
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We in the San Diego Silk Guild have found this product to be a superior resist product. We have found this an invaluable tool for us to have in our arsenal. The product is easy to clean up just rinse applicator and nib in water. The product does NOT require heat setting prior to applying the dye. The lustre and softness of the silk is not affected by this resist so your lines can be as wide as you like them. The product arrives at your door ready to use. It is not a concentrate and there is no need to mix it or dilute it. It may be colored with any water soluble dye if you prefer colored resist lines. We have yet to find the shelf life of this lovely product. Kept in a cool room it has stayed viscous and flowing. I love the smooth consistency. -San Diego Silk Guild Suzanne Knight President
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This resist is by far the best I have ever used. Very impressed. It got 5 out of 5. Very easy and trusting. Your water based-resist is outstanding I have never had such a great experience working with water based resist till now. - Daniel Jean-Baptiste
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I think this product is a winner! It washed out beautifully with no excess rubbing needed. The dye stayed within the resist lines after steaming. No problem with the dye running! -Lynn M.
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Great product. Way better than the brown one. Holds the line very well washes out easily and doesn't stain the silk. Thank you Jacquard!
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I love the ease of washing it out. However once applied it takes a long time to dry enough to paint and when it does dry it puckers up the silk so you no longer have a flat surface.
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