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Jacquard's Resistad
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Resistad is the world's top performing water-based gutta resist. Developed by John Mitchell of Procolour in New Zealand, the formula was acquired and further improved upon by Jacquard Products in early 2017. Resistad's unique chemistry offers all the advantages of both permanent and removable resists plus more, without any of the disadvantages. This is what has made it the almost universally favored resist of silk painters all over the world.

"I already have water-based and gutta-based resists, what makes Resistad any different?":

  • Resistad is a Medium Viscosity, concentrated formulation that should be thinned with water or liquid dye to the desired consistency (Note: using Dyeset on Green Label colored Resistad will not fix the colored Resistad). The recommended ratio for hand pipetting is 1:1 Resistad to water, but the ratio may be adjusted to suit the particular application. Because it is a concentrate, it is also cheaper to ship!
  • Resistad makes for an excellent delivery system for Silk Colors and other dyes. Mix the resist with dye instead of water to create crisp colored lines instead of white ones. The colored Resistad resists just as well as non-colored resist. Steaming or dye fixative makes the color permanent, and the resist washes out.
  • Superior hydrophobicity. Plainly put, Resistad resists better than any other water-based resist. If it is heat set, it becomes so resistant to water that you can even brush color over it. This means you can achieve better detail in your work and can be much freer with the way you apply liquid color. Heat setting activates the gutta's water repellent properties, changing it from water mixable to water resistant. The more heat, the more water resistant it will be; though air-dried resists well, too!
  • Excellent for printing applications such as screen printing, block printing, stamping and sponging. Because of its high viscosity, Resistad prints as well as any other printing paste, and holds fine detail extremely well. This simply cannot be achieved with any other resist. Printing Resistad means line work may be achieved with much higher precision than hand-applied lines and in a fraction of the time, making it great for commercial artists and production runs.
  • Resistad washes out of the silk quickly and easily and does not change the feel, drape or luster of the fabric. Resistad resists as well or better than permanent and water based resists, but does not change the hand of the fabric the way a permanent resist does. It is the best of both worlds!
  • Utensils are easily cleaned with water, and there are no noxious fumes (like with Guttas) when using Resistad.



Resistad Instructions and Tips

Step-by-Step Instructions:

To make gutta: thoroughly mix one part Resistad with one part water (or concentrated liquid dye), or to the desired consistency for your method of application. Allow to rest for at least one hour and then remix to ensure a smooth, lump-free and bubbleless gutta paste.

  • Apply the gutta to the silk using an applicator, silk screen, brush, stamp or stencil.
  • Rapid dry the gutta design for maximum sharpness, if possible.
  • For optimum resist performance, heat set with an iron (set on silk temp.), or any other convenient heat appliance (heat press, heat gun, etc.). Otherwise, allow to completely air dry.
  • Color in the gutta design using liquid dyes or paints.
  • Once the color is set according to the manufacturer's instructions, remove the resist by first soaking in cool water and then rinsing with Synthrapol.

What's in the jar and why do I need to know?

Unlike other resists, the "magic ingredient" is a waterproofing polymer that makes fabric repel water. This polymer uses a natural gum as a carrier, or delivery system. The gum washes out and leaves the polymer in the fabric. While the polymer does not noticeably affect the hand of the fabric, it does make it permanently water repellent in the areas Resistad is used on - especially if heat set, as the water repelling properties are optimized with heat setting.


So what does all that mean?

Some helpful things to take away from all this would be that heat setting does increase the voracity in which the Resistad areas repel liquid and that, since the natural gum does break down after being washed, it is best not to mix large batches of Resistad if the mix will not be used right away. To be safe, only mix what will be used for each project. The mix should be useable for a couple of days but it does slowly degrade.


Fresh lines over dried lines

Through the unfortunate trial and error of one customer in particular, we found out that it's not a good idea to apply lines of Resistad, let them completely dry, and then put down more Resistad on top of the dried lines. What ends up happening is that some of the natural gum gets trapped in between two layers of polymer making the gum unable to be washed out. This causes "sticky" lines that are difficult to remove. Working wet on wet is no problem, but if the resist has been given a chance to dry thoroughly it's best to not overlap with fresh resist.


Unmixed Resistad has a shelf life of about 2 years. Keep it in a cool, dry place and it's probably safe to use even after that long, but always be sure to test first.


Average Customer Review
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5 star rating
This stuff is AMAZING. I'd heard of it and had gotten my hands on a tiny sample years ago but I've just finally been able to test it extensively and I have to say that I'm hooked. It's a VERY thick viscous pasty consistency that MUST be mixed with water (or DYE Yay!) and because it must be mixed with at least equal parts liquid to resist any resulting dyed resist line (I tested it with Black Pebeo Dupont Jacquard Green Label and (liquefied) Dharma Acid Dye) has the same depth of color as the areas where the dye was directly applied to the silk - NO MORE PALE GRAYPURPLE resist lines when I wanted Black!! If you let it dry completely it resists just fine but if you take the extra step of ironing it it literally repels liquid meaning you can paint right on top of it and it will hold without dissolving...so weird but very cool.
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5 star rating
I have been touting this product for many years as being the best and easiest resist I have ever used...and I have tried many. It's line holding properties is as good as traditional solvent based gutta without all the harsh chemicals and smell. Added pluses are it's concentrated form water based formula tintable with dyes versatility for various applications and easy wash out in the final rinse. It has become the only resist I now use for fool proof frustration free resist work.
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5 star rating
Resistad is the best water based resist I've tried. It's versatile in that you can easily mix with dye to make any color resist you want. Holds dye in very well. Very easy clean-up too!
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5 star rating
I've been waiting for this to come over the pond. This made my work go so much faster and easier than any resist I have used before I am THRILLED we have it in the US at last!
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5 star rating
I was told about this resistard in a phone conversation with one of the Dharma Trading Employees. And it worked as well as they said it would. I really appreciate the recommendation. This is the product that I was looking for and if it wasn't for the excellent staff at Dharma I would have never given it a try. No more plastic lines in the beautiful flowing scarves. Thank you again for such great service and patience in helping me learn this art.
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