Methocel (Methylcellulose)

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Some books recommend that you use this instead of Carrageenan in marbling. If you live in really hot humid areas, it does keep better than Carrageenan without refrigeration, and it is a little less expensive. In our experience, beginners sometimes have a more difficult time floating the paint on Methocel - it takes practice! We have experienced Marblers who will only use this, and experienced Marblers who will only use Carrageenan. So try both and figure out which one works best for you!

Most instructions say to gradually add 1-1.5 oz (play with this - if the size is too thick, paints sink - counter intuitive we know)  to each gallon of room temperature water while stirring, then slowly stir in one TBS of household ammonia (not the sudsy kind, and yes, it is a TBS, not a tsp - our labels have a typo on them and we will get that corrected on new shipments). Allow to rest 20 minutes (or longer if it got too bubbly or foamy), stir again, then hopefully it is ready to use. One of our experienced customers says she gets clear lumps that way. She had better luck with boiling water - pouring that into a bucket, gradually stirring in the Methocel like if you were making Cream O'Wheat (remember that stuff!) and then adding the rest of the water you need cold to cool the whole thing off, stirring all the while of course. She said it is always lump free this way. Again, see what works best for you!

Made in: GERMANY (DE)

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I use this methylcel all the time and find that a teaspoon of ammonia is usually not enough to raise the pH - especially if my tap water is a 6 on the pH scale. I add about a tablespoon of ammonia per gallon and never get the "clumpies."
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I've been happy with methocel but using the right paintspigments is important otherwise they won't float. My best luck has been with airbrush paints.
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I got differing instructions with my Jacquard marbling kit than what was on the package. Mixing needs to be done with either a hand mixer or a blendernot a spoon. It then makes a lot of foam but leaving some of it creates a nice texture when the print is made. If your mixture isn't thick enough your colors will sink!!
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Works just as goo and at a cheaper price than from where I purchased it before. Why didn't I order more?
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I ordered a 1Lb bag and received 1 8oz instead. Emailed them and they quickly fixed the order. I was very happy with their commitment and service. Will definitely be using them for all my textile needs!!
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