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Use this product to 'fix' dyes in commercially purchased solid colored cotton fabrics or clothing to prevent color bleeding during washing. Also use to add washfastness to your own dyeing. Particularly valuable to quilters. Soak fabrics in Retayne before washing them for the first time. Use one teaspoon per yard of fabric in a HOT (at least 140º F)  soak for 20-30 minutes, with enough water to cover the fabric, then wash in hot water and Synthrapol to get out any remaining, unfixed dye. If you don't do this last step with the Synthrapol, then only wash in cool water rinse and cool water for the life of the fabric. You do risk some fading when using the Synthrapol and hot water, as it will remove any remaining "fugitive" dye.

Further info: Retayne and Dharma Dye Fixative act to swell and positively "charge" dye molecules to improve adherence to fabric. Effective with Fiber Reactive, "All Purpose" dyes, Direct Dyes and some other dyes. Does NOT work on "Basic" dyes, such as Jacquard's Basic Dyes. According to some, the penalty can be some reduced lightfastness.

Dharma Dye Fixative is a comparable product to Retayne but can be purchased in larger, more economical sizes.


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Retayne seems to do exactly what is claimed - set color. I used it on a beautiful rayon dress that had been tie-died but wasn't wearable because the colors weren't set. I used Retayne then another product to remove any excess die and now I can wear this gorgeous dress. Thanks!
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I am using this on many rayon and cotton tie-dyed and batik items that we bought commercially and find to be very runny this stopped that problem and now we can wash with everything else.
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Used this on a quilt when I discovered that one of the fabrics (which were not prewashed) was not colorfast. Worked perfectly and the quilt is now finished and on my daughters bed.
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LOVE THIS PRODUCT.Last year I switched to a brand which was available in Canada. The low Canadian Dollar forced me to think hard about ordering American. Unfortunately the product I ordered to stop the dye Raycafix was NOT PH NEUTRAL. Retayne is. I do a lot of Natural Dye projects and granted the extra work at the end of the line when using Retayne is a bit of a pain. Raycafix is much lower maintenance but it changes the colour during the set process. I am going to bite the bullet and purchase a ton of Retayne my next order. It is a superior product for Natural Dyers because it does not alter the colour at the end of the process.
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Good stuff but I didn't see better results than when I just used Synthropol.
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