Sodium Alginate Thickener

Made from seaweed!

Sodium Alginate Thickener
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High Viscosity for cotton (HV), Low Viscosity for silk (LV) $5.95
High Viscosity for cotton (HV), Low Viscosity for silk (LV) $9.95
High Viscosity for cotton (HV), Low Viscosity for silk (LV) $17.95
High Viscosity for cotton (HV), Low Viscosity for silk (LV) $79.95
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4 oz. High Viscosity for cotton (HV)
4 oz. Low Viscosity for silk (LV)
8 oz. High Viscosity for cotton (HV)
8 oz. Low Viscosity for silk (LV)
1 lb. High Viscosity for cotton (HV)
1 lb. Low Viscosity for silk (LV)
5 lbs. High Viscosity for cotton (HV)
5 lbs. Low Viscosity for silk (LV)
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Sodium Alginate is a pure type of dried, ground kelp (seaweed) - it's commonly used to thicken food. It is the most economical thickener for Dyes of all types and it works as a thickener for other liquids as well. Use whenever you want to use dyes more like a paint. You can then brush the dyes on and they will stay put. Also use for stamping, stenciling or silk screening the dyes. Dyes are more work than Paint to use in these methods, but the reward is, they leave absolutely no feel on the fabric the way paints can. You can also add a pinch to your dye mix for tie-dye to make the dye stay put rather than bleeding through the fabric. This is used to get more control over the tie-dye patterns, for crisper lines, etc. You can thicken dyes enough to print, silk screen or stencil with too.

Sprinkle the thickener into the chemical water or liquid dye slowly, mixing continuously. (You can also use a blender - add the alginate very gradually through the top with the blender going). Let sit for at least an hour or two, as it will continue to thicken before use. Refrigerate to store. Don't over-thicken, thinner is better. For paint-like consistencies, use ~1 - 4 tsp / quart water, depending on how thick you need it. For tie-dye use ~1/8 -1/2 tsp per 8 oz bottle of dye to slow or stop bleeding. Experiment, because each situation can be unique.

We have two kinds: High viscosity, low solids for cotton (HV), and Low viscosity, high solids for silk (LV). The silk one allows you to draw finer lines but requires you to use more. You can use them interchangeably. Specify which one you prefer. High viscosity gets thicker than Low.

*Warning! - occasionally hard or impossible to remove from silk if steamed

*Store in a cool, dry place for best shelf life! Heat and humidity can cause it to go bad as it is an organic product.

Not recommended for thickening Paints. This is an organic product, and paints are composed of synthetic compounds.


Specify HV or LV! HV is coming from a new source; looks different, finer, but this is all that is available. If you need your dye thicker, use more. Each situation is different.

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Works too well! Definitely make sure that you pre-test on one dye only! Use tiny tiny bits -It takes some time to thicken! We put a pinch in all of our dye squeeze bottles and an hour later we had pudding!
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Dharma's Sodium Alginate is so much more concentrated than other's I have used. It was a great surprise that I only had to use about half the quantity I used with other brands. I highly recommend this product for silk screening and dye painting.
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Very useful for thickening fiber reactive dyes. I've used this for thickening dye into a gelatinous consistency to paint on black dye for a stained-glass effect--works great!
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I just started using Dharmas sodium alginate and I love it! I was a little unsure after reading some reviews but it has worked great for me. I noticed many people requesting information or directions this is what I do. 1. Use a blender add slowly & blend the bejesus out of it. I have on low when adding SA then I blend on high for at least 5 min. Usually more like 8-10. 2. Let sit min 12 hrs 24 is better before use. 3. Dont put in the fridge if you can avoid it. If your storage room is air conditioned youre fine should keep for several months if it starts to smell like ammonia pitch it. 4. Mix the SA and add it to the dye AFTER its sat for 24 hrs. I never EVER add dry SA to my dyes For me makes a clumpy horrible mess thats impossible to use. 5. I mix with 50% Urea water which is my room temp apx 80-90 degrees and 50% hot water tap water apx 120 degrees. I have been using SA for many yrs and I like Dharmas better than any other I have tired.
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a little goes a long way
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