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**Attention - this product is a new formulation. We bought the last of the old product and the manufacturer can no longer get the ingredients. They sent us samples of several alternatives, and we finally got one that would work, is safe to use, and works as close to the way the original worked as possible.

Use this gel to thicken liquid dye solutions when applying dye directly onto the fabric, as in stenciling, painting or printing. You can even add a little to your tie-dye solutions to control the bleed of the dye and have crisper lines. Superclear rinses away during the washing out of the dyes. You will have to adjust the following formulas to your situation, i.e. it's kind of like cooking, use to taste, except, don't taste it! NOTE: Can be difficult or impossible to remove after extended steaming, especially if you have hard water. Using distilled water, both to mix your dyes and in the steaming, works better.

To reduce spreading - add 4 or more tablespoons to 8 oz. of liquid dye concentrate
To stop spreading - use 2/3 Superclear and 1/3 liquid dye concentrate
To make Fiber reactive dyes into a paint- add the dye powder to a mix of 2/3 or more Superclear and 1/3 or less water.


We could not get any of this product for the last year. We tested many substitutes, and this was the best.

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It did the trick. For 8 oz of tie dye solution in a squirt bottle I added 4 tablespoons. The dye didn't run as fast and didn't have as much excess dye on the tables.
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expensive but effective and no hassle mixing. However if you like your tie-dye colors to separate out into their secondary and mixed colors this will prevent that (which is good if that it what yu wanted)
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Wow what a difference! This made my tie dye look a lot better. It also made the colors look brighter.
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I mixed it with procion dye and found it very useful for controlling color spreading.
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I loved the older version of Superclear to thicken my procion dye but since it has become unavailable I have struggled to find a replacement. Using the algae was difficult to say the least - clumps etc but this new version of Superclear does not seem to work at all in my dyes. I used much more than called for but unfortunately it just didn't thicken the dye. Help! Has anyone else found a thickener that works?
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