Tannic Acid

Made from Chestnut Bark

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The natural dyers have been asking for this for a while and now we have it! Tannic Acid or tannins is a mordant (fixative) for natural dyes on plant based (cellulose) fabrics. It is best used along with alum to get deeper, richer colors on cottons, linens, hemp and rayon. (You mordant the fabric first in a hot bath of alum and tannic acid, then put the fabric in the dye pot with the natural dye. We have some great books and DVDs that tell you how to do it)

Our tannic acid comes from chestnut bark, a totally natural source. Use 10-25% OWG according to desired depth of shade, add to your alum mordant as a pre-treatment to achieve the best results. (OWG = of weight of goods - i.e. if the dry fabric weighs 100 grams, use 10 - 25 grams.)


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Wish I had known it was made from chestnut...it imparts a pretty dark tone.
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This was much darker than expected and stained my scarves an unpleasant color.
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Too dark!This is not the tannin you want to use as a base for your cellulose if you are trying to achieve any color other than brown. Dharma needs to carry Oak Gall. That is the best clear tannin to achieve true colors.
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It's excellent for mordanting baste fibers.
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First time ever using it works great and I even like the color it gives when used alone without any other natural dyes.
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