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Recommended for use with Fiber Reactive Dyes when doing tie-dye, painting, printing and other methods of direct application. Urea is a 'moisture drawing' agent or 'humectant' which keeps the fabric damper longer during the curing or fixing process, thereby making for deeper, brighter colors. Fiber Reactive dyes won't "fix" if they dry out!

You need about 1/4 cup per quart of dye solution for tie-dye mixtures, and about 3/4 cup per quart of chemical water for direct application. FYI, each pound of Urea yields about 2.5 cups.

Pro Tip: Urea is also a great dissolving agent and helps dissolve those "stubborn" colors of any type powdered dye that is harder to dissolve, and might leave a residue or "freckles" of un-dissolved dye on your work. Just use warm Urea water (1 TBS per Cup) to paste up your dye to get it more thoroughly dissolved. Helps to dissolve more solids into less liquids so great for making the really concentrated solutions you need for tie-dye and dye painting, especially the darker colors. Use the Urea water mix when pasting the dye just like you would paste flour for perfect lump free gravy - gradually adding the liquid to the powder while smashing and stirring.

Pro Tip: Silk Painters - try this instead of or along with course salt or Silk Salt for super textural effects when silk painting!


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For a chemical that I cannot obtain locally I'm glad to have a reliable source of supply through Dharma. As a side note: as a repeat customer I'm wondering what it takes to get a coupon code to use at check out. Haven't gotten one yet & wonder how many times does a repeat customer need to return to get one.Otherwise groovy doing business w y'all.
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I got WAY more than enough when I ordered one lb. You only use a tablespoon per vat dye color I have a huge amount left.
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Perfect. We just started using this for tie dyes. Made the colors so much brighter and better. Follow the directions don't skimp.
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Keeps the product wet. What more can I ask. Quite uniform and non-smelly.
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Awesome product but I'm a first-time user and would have liked specific directions on the product packaging (rather than being directed to the website for directions.
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