Water Softener

Pure Sodium Hexametaphosphate

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If the area in which you live has hard water (calcium and other minerals can interfere with your dyeing process) you can easily avoid the problem by using our Water Softener (pure Sodium Hexametaphosphate - also known as Metaphos). About 1 cup per washing machine load or 1/4 teaspoon per 8 oz. dye solution should do the trick. This Water Softener works better than products like Calgon (polycarboxylate) which inhibits dye from transferring to and adhering to fabric for some reason.

Side note: The one pound bag of Water Softener is about 1.5 cups


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I have very hard water but still got fine results with my tie dye. I decided to try adding water softener to get even better results but haven't noticed any difference. It hasn't hurt anything though. You might not need this.
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This seems to work pretty well. My colors all turned out vibrantly so far I chose to use it because our water is fairly hard in my area--My only issue with it is it doesn't seem to dissolve rapidly even in rather warm to hot tap water--it kind of congeals and really has to be stirred. Also it is a little stinky----dust mask is a must!
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We have really hard water and this additive made a huge difference in how well my yarn took the dyes. The colors were even and brilliant.
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We have a front loading washing machine so the amount had to be mixed with water first then added to the wash.
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A must have in my country (Brazil) due to heavy water
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