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We are really excited, we now have a large selection of new roving to satisfy your every roving need! We have Silk, Angora (that's from rabbits!), llama, Yak, Seacell, Hemp and more! Dye your own amazing varigated rovings, spin your own custom yarns, or jump on the bandwagon and try out felting! These are ready for your dye pot (we recommend pre-washing with Dharma's Professional Textile Detergent first for best results). For the best and most professional dye results, use our Dharma Fiber Reactive Procion Dye for the bamboos, hemp, tencel and other cellulose, and either the Dharma or the Jacquard Acid Dyes for the wools and silks. We also carry a selection of Natural Dyes. We have nice quality and great prices!

Mix and match your rovings to reach greater discounts!  Also, please note the rovings are sold by the ball/bump/wad/tuft (mostly 8oz. but some smaller and larger) and not by the ounce.

Fine Bleached Flax Top
Discounted as low as $14.81
Angora Merino Blend Roving
Viscose Top
Discounted as low as $7.93
Yak Top
Discounted as low as $12.10
Bamboo Rayon Top Roving
BFL Silk Blend Roving
Cultivated Silk Silver Top Roving
Black Merino Wool Top Roving
White Coopworth Roving
Fine White Shetland Top Roving
Fine Grey Shetland Roving
Wensleydale Top Roving
White Norwegian Top Roving
Finn Top Roving
Lincoln Top Roving
Falkland Top Roving
Dark Brown Welsh Top Roving
White Welsh Top Roving
BFL White Top Roving
White Cheviot Top
Discounted as low as $11.24
Grey Gotland Roving
Wool Mohair Blend Top Roving
White Tencel Top Roving
Superwash Tencel Blend Roving
Flax Top Roving
54's Corriedale Wool Roving
62's Superwash Merino Roving
80's Superfine Merino Roving
White Icicle Nylon Roving
Superfine Alpaca Top Roving
Grey Coopworth Roving
Discounted as low as $12.13
Manx Loaghtan Top
Discounted as low as $13.39
Masham Top
Discounted as low as $11.96
Jacob Grey Roving
Northern Lights Printing Top - Rainbow
Roving - 1 lb. Ball Wool Roving

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