Bias Cut Silk Ribbon - Habotai or Silk Satin

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Silk Satin 12mm - .5" wide $15.66 14.24 12.99
Silk Satin 12mm - .625" wide $21.26 19.33 17.72
Silk Satin 12mm - 1" wide $28.60 25.99 23.83
Habotai 10mm - 1" wide $31.26 28.42 26.05
Habotai 10mm - .5" wide $40.49 36.79 33.75
Habotai 10mm - .625" wide $40.98 37.25 34.15
Habotai 10mm - 2" wide $54.42 49.47 45.35
Silk Satin 12mm - 2" wide $56.70 51.55 47.25
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Habotai 10mm - 2" wide
This size due ~ late October
Habotai 10mm - 1" wide
Habotai 10mm - .5" wide
These .5" rolls are running 150 yds
Habotai 10mm - .625" wide
These .625" rolls are running 150 yds
Silk Satin 12mm - 2" wide
This batch is running 75-80 yds each roll
Silk Satin 12mm - 1" wide
This batch is running 75-80 yds each roll
Silk Satin 12mm - .5" wide
Silk Satin 12mm - .625" wide
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This is bias cut silk ribbon, not the woven kind, which we also carry. This silk ribbon is cut on the bias from bolts of fabric. Excellent for dyeing, weaving, knitting, crochet, etc. Can be used for silk ribbon embroidery, although the edges may fray a little - for a better embroidery ribbon see our woven silk ribbon.

Both the Habotai and Silk Satin ribbon, all widths, come in double size spools - roll lengths vary from batch to batch, generally they run about 60 yards.

It was touch and go there for a few months but we were lucky enough to be put in touch with a new source for these bias rolls. Please be patient with us while we get the stocks back up - one factory making all of these for us means a whole lot of catch up work for our new friends!

Currently the batch of Habotai .5" wide is running a whopping 150 yards long. This was due to a mix up at the factory so get them while they last!


Spools vary in length! For WOVEN silk ribbon, see SR4, SR7, SR13, SR24

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I have been using this as a bias binding on necklines. As mentioned by an earlier poster this would be fantastic if folded over on both sides as a binding and slightly wider. As is it does the job but its a bit of a fiddle but its certainly much easier than cutting binding strips from fabric
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Cuts are a bit rough causing the ribbon edge to fray when unwinding. Also often there are folds in the fabric so the edge has a jagged piece on it. Otherwise dyes beautifully.
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LOVE THIS! A must-have for bias binding piping in garments for hem finishes. I custom dye it for my projects with either acid or fiber reactive dye. The extra touch is a beautiful finish. Also paint it for a variegated look and knit with it! Fun!
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wish you had it in wider widths (yeah redundant...)... for binding finished seams of silk and wool outfits.
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I have already ordered more. This dyes with Jacquard I-Dyes like a dream and it is a very shiny rich textured ribbon. It does fray but that is part of its character.
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