Cotton Canvas Aprons

Cotton Canvas Aprons

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An apron for every size & shape! From little kid to jumbo adult! All the aprons are made from 8 oz 100% natural colored cotton duck canvas. Sewn with cotton thread. All sizes have 3 large pockets just below the waist, within handy reach, for whatever you want to stash away in them. Squared hems are turned and stitched down. Matching 100% cotton twill self binding at necklines that extend into the side ties.

Great for transfers, stamped and stenciled designs, screened or painted logos, whatever! Set a bunch of kids loose with these babies and some Tee Juice markers and have a fun party! You can also tie-dye or dye them, but as with all canvas, you have to treat them gently to avoid fraying, although they are now being sewn much better than they used to be.  We have responded to your comments and the pockets should be cut on the same grain now, so no puckering.

Measurements are without the neck straps and the side ties. Not preshrunk! Canvas shrinks up to 15% at the hottest settings, so you can pre-shrink them or not, depending on what you are doing to them or using them for. We do recommend pre-shrinking before applying transfers or fabric paint. We also recommend prewashing in HOT water and Synthrapol if you are going to dye them. If you want white ones, or ones that are easier to tie-dye and hold up better to washing, see our new White Cotton Twill Aprons at the link below.

Remember, because of the nature of the fabric, canvas products should be washed gently to avoid fraying.

Made in: CHINA (CN)

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1 star rating
These are very poorly sewn. The raw edges of the pockets are not turned in and they fray like crazy. The ties are not even hemmed--they unravel like mad too. So disappointing! The fabric and design are nice but these barely stand up to the amount of washing necessary to dye them. I ordered two (of the big kid size) so it's not a random fluke. Very disappointing to find this especially after the glowing description of the quality in the catalogue!
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5 star rating
These are great I have several in rotation right now. I use them when gardening and in the kitchen of course. I like to decorate them with the soft or standard transfer paper and have even given them as gifts to my "foodie" friends. Great price too! When they eventually get "tired looking" I just pass them on to my husband who uses them til they can't be used any more. They do shrink when washed so for me bigger is better when it comes to these. The Grande is my favorite. Unwashed ample coverage washed well less so. Keep them in their unwashed state if you want to keep them big.Haven't had any trouble with fraying or bad sewing in the many I've bought.
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5 star rating
My daughter owns a restaurant at Warren AFB in Wyoming. She is able to show her logo and present a professional image since we sent her aprons with her logo ironed on! I was very pleased. The aprons are gorgeous heavy duty washable and very wearable.
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3 star rating
I have dyed about 2 dozen of these for a cafe. They are worn 7 days a week. Wash up great...BUT . . . they do not stay together. They fray at the ties and also the hems. I love the colors they absorb...but you will need to re-enforce many of the sewn seems and edges.! I will still order them...because of the way they take the color soooo well! Better than any other aprons Ihave gotton!
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4 star rating
I think the aprons have been improved. I haven't washed them yet but the stitching on them looks fine and not shabby as described by some reviewers.
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