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Who is this dog and why is he wearing a T-shirt?

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Well, the truth is, ever since I did the picture of the tie-dye t-shirt attired dog on the cover of the catalog, people have been sending me photos of their pets from all over the country! Also, the folks who work here at Dharma got excited about having their pets on the cover, so I agreed that if I got some interesting photos for a collage, I'd do it. You wouldn't believe the photos! Blurry terrified cats slinking around half covered in pieces of tie-dye....dogs shredding the remains of kids' t-shirts....a lizard (I think it was a lizard) wrapped in something. Man, you wouldn't believe it!

It became clear that we need to make dog t-shirts. So here they are! The 100% Cotton Jersey dog t-shirts have raglan style diagonal inset sleeves. This creates a gradual slope across the shoulder muscles of our canine friends, giving a better fit . The neckline has an applied rib knit taped edge. The armhole hems also have the rib knit applied tape. The backpiece of the t-shirt is sized larger than the front (or chest) piece of the t-shirt. So basically, a design will read better across doggie's back without being interrupted by "side seams". The bottom hem has an applied soft 2 inch rib knit edging and the hem is cut straight across.

We have sizes to fit them all, and at a reasonable price.

(Please note that the measurements for this product are approximations. We have modified the dog weights based on our conversations with customers.)


  • You can tie-dye, marble, or paint them like any t-shirt.
  • You and your dog can have matching outfits.
  • Your dog will have something to wear with his sunglasses.
  • You can screen print on them.
  • You can use our Ink Jet Transfer Paper to transfer designs and text from your computer screen with messages like:
'Hi, my name's Duke, and I'm single.'
'I'm on vacation, I usually wear a suit.'
'You'd be irritable too if you had to eat those dry pellets.'
'May I introduce you to the big guy holding the leash?'
'Yeah, I got it at a Dead concert.'
'Women want me, cats fear me!'

Whatever! Use your imagination and have some fun.

Also see our Doggy Tank Tops!


SIZE   Length(in)*   Weight (pounds)  Chest Width (right at armit)
XS       7           2-8              8
S        9.5         8-14            11
M        13         14-24            14
L        16         24-45            16
XL       18         45-75            18
2XL      21         75-100           21

*Measure from the base
of the neck to the base
of the tail. Allow for
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Too cute for words. They dye beaurtifully.
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Perfect for my Gizmo. I'll sen a pic of him in his new shirts! True sizing....quik shipping. Keep up the good work!Janet from PA
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my 4 grand dogs will look as cute as my own little chihuahua wearing their new spring jackets. 2 rescue racing greyhounds a choc lab and a great dane. I hope they fit!! We'll know Christmas morning.
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he looks so cute in it!
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Dyes up great. Still waiting to try on my puppy.
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