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4 $5.99 $4.72 4.20 3.78
9, 12, 15, 16 $ $6.99
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Catwoman (White) - # 2
On A Stick (Black Satin) - # 3
Half-Face (White) - # 4
Catwoman (Black) - # 6
Robber (BlackSatin) - # 7
Cat Face (Paper Mache) - # 9
Half Face (Paper Mache) - # 11
Casanova (Paper Mache) - # 12
Joker (Paper Mache) - # 15
El Medico (Paper Mache) - # 16
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Superheroes, thieves, raccoons, phantoms of the opera, crazed chainsaw murderers. What do they have in common? They wear a mask, that's what. Of course the raccoon doesn't really wear a mask, but whatever.

The point is, masks. And now you can get them from Dharma, along with all the dyes and paints, glue and foil, lace and ribbon you might need to embellish and create the right mask for you.

#1, #2, #3, #4, #6, #7 are flexible thin plastic, covered in fabric. A thin, black elastic strap holds them on, except for the black Mask on a stick which has no strap. The fabric covering the Half-face mask is a knit with no sheen, whereas the others are satin and have sheen. They all take dyes and paints, markers and resists, so you can make all kinds of creative designs. Keep in mind that markers or really thin paints can wick on the satin, so thicker paints or colored resists, dispensed from a fine tipped applicator bottle, might be better for lines.

#9, #11, #12, #15, #16 are paper mache (paper plaster) and can be painted or colored with markers. They come with an elastic strap to hold them on. They are heavier than the other masks and rigid (not flexible).

Try using foil glue with different foils to add texture and color. Add trim with our lace, or dangly-thingys with our silk ribbons. An added little transparent silk hankie will give a good "harem" look. With a little dye, paint, and imagination, you can make the perfect mask for your secret identity. Makes a fantastic group project for classes or parties - think 'masquerade ball'. The possibilities are endless, and at these prices you can try them all!

White Robber mask (#1) are 6.75" wide x 3.25" long
Black Robber mask (#7) is 6.25" wide x 3.25" long
White Catwoman mask (#2) is 7" wide x 2.25" long
Black Catwoman mask (#6) is 7" wide x 2.25" long
On A Stick mask (#3) is 6.5" wide x 2.5" long with an 8.5" stick
Half-Face mask (#4) is 7.5" wide x 4" long
Paper Mache Cat Face mask (#9) is 7" wide x 5.25" long x 2.5" deep
Paper Mache Half Face mask (#11) is 7" wide x 3" long x 3.25" deep
Paper Mache Casanova mask (#12) is 7" wide x 4.5" long x 9.5" deep
Paper Mache Joker mask (#15) is 7" wide x 9.5" long x 4.5" deep
Paper Mache El Medico mask (#16) is 6" wide x 6" long x 5" deep

Made in: CHINA (CN)

Plain = 6.75" x 3.25"
Cat   = 8" x 2.5"
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Only one of the several masks I ordered were well constructed (the one on a stick) All others were next to unwearable as the nose was not centered to the eyes badly enough not to be able to use without extreme modification which took the fun out of it.
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great thanks
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I ordered two masks and both were great quality and ready to paint. It would have been nice if nose holes were already part of the design but it is easy enough to cut with a sharp xacto blade.
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My favorite of the masks I got. I painted it with acrylic paints.
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Some of the papier mache masks came in damaged :(
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