Bamboo Adult Socks

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Pack of 3 Pair: Size 9-11
Pack of 3 Pair: Size 11-13
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Here's the thing about bamboo:

To the best of our knowledge, our "Rayon Bamboo" products are made from 100% Bamboo (or for socks, 94% Bamboo rayon and 6% Spandex). There is a debate raging about how or if bamboo rayon is really "anti-bacterial", "sustainable", or "earth friendly", and if it is better or worse than other fibers for you and the planet.
We don't know! We just sell socks! We're like, sock guys, not scientists. The only claim we make is that your feet will be warmer with socks. Also, if you dye and decorate them, your feet will look better!
There is a lot of information available on this topic on the internet. Check it out if it interests you.

Wow, we scored a good one for you! Bamboo rayon socks are great for several reasons:

  • They're soft, soft, soft!
  • Rumor has it that bamboo rayon fibers are both highly absorbent and possibly bacteria resistant. What better qualities are there for a sock, we ask.
  • Bamboo itself is a very renewable resource that grows fast without chemicals and pesticides.
  • Still cellulose, so they dye beautifully with our Fiber Reactive Dyes.

We weren't originally serious about them because we thought they would be too expensive but we were able to get a really good price on these as they are basic summer weight socks. Nothing fancy in design, mind you, but that's your job! They are 94% pure Bamboo rayon that has been developed in the same way other Rayon fiber is, but made from bamboo, and 6% Spandex for stretch.

Looking for something a little different? Check out our Bamboo Footie Socks.

Bamboo socks come in packs of 3 pair.
Prices are per pack of 3 pair.
Each pack counts as 1 item for discounts.

Made in: CHINA (CN)

9-11       9.5           9
11-13      11            10 
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There are so many great things to say about these socks.1. I cannot keep them in stock.2. Ecologicaly sound.3. Takes dye extremely well.4. Very soft.5. Wears like iron.6. Seems to be less likely to slip on smooth floors than cotton or acrylics.7. Lycra well hidden much better than in most cotton socks very important in dyeing.8. Well I COULD go on and on.9. ORDER EXTRA!!!!!ORDER MORE THAN YOU NEED THEY DO GET BACK ORDERED OFTEN!!
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These socks dye well - no visible nylon! - and they are comfortably sized not too tight on normal-width feet.
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These are very soft and comfortable! I dyed mine with procion dyes and they are just beautiful. Everyone loves the unusual colors so I am buying more for gifts.
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LOVED these!!! Dyed beautifully. I'll definitly be ordering more!
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soooo buttery soft!!
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