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STH4 - 10mm Habotai - 4" x 60" $8.24 7.42
STC2 - 19.5mm Charmeuse - 2" x 60" $8.60 7.74
STC3 - 19.5mm Charmeuse - 3" x 60" $9.15 8.24
STH4B - 10mm Black Habotai - 4" x 60 ", STC4 - 19.5mm Charmeuse - 4" x 60" $9.36 8.42
STC4B - 19.5mm Black Charmeuse - 4" x 60" $10.97 9.87
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10mm Habotai - 4" x 60"
10mm Black Habotai - 4" x 60"
19.5mm Charmeuse - 2" x 60"
19.5mm Charmeuse - 3" x 60"
19.5mm Charmeuse - 4" x 60"
19.5mm Black Charmuese - 4" x 60"
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These white or black blank silk ties are all beautifully made in China and sewn with 100% silk thread. We have them made extra long and with a synthetic insert which is an advantage for painting. Two different fabrics to choose from. Better to dry clean rather than wash silk ties. If washed, block until totally dry. Using water-based colored resists and free-flowing Silk Paints like Dye-Na-Flow or Setasilk, you can just paint them, dry them and iron to heat set both the resist lines and the paint. No washing excess dye out needed, and they come out looking better than new. Great non-toxic project for kids to make for their Dads too! We recommend dry cleaning silk ties.

Made in: CHINA (CN)

IMPORTANT! - Contrary to what the label says sometimes - DO NOT PREWASH! Dry clean only.

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These were the first neck-ties I tried for my silk painting business. They are perfect! The fabric and weight is wonderful and even with submerging them in dye baths they dried beauifully and take my landscapes to a new level! Wynn Creasy
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These ties are fabulous! I actually have been able to steam set them then rinse and iron and they have held up for me. It does take a bit of practice and you need to be really mindful of applying the dye very lightly - but I've had success applying two layers of dye and a layer of soy wax. Oh and I also didn't stretch my neck ties I just laid them down on a clean flat surface. After painting the front of the tie I painted the border with a layer of soy wax - that way when I painted the back it didn't bleed to the front. Good luck and enjoy this great product - and have patience :)
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I've had killer results with serti sunprinting salt and brush-over shibori on both the Habotai and Charmeuse. Biggest challenge is sewing these wiggle-prone bias-cut B-words back together as smoothly as the manufacturers did. Ironing the detached silk layer onto freezer wrap stretched my first one too much. Wrapping the inner felt in plastic and pinning the silk back onto it to flatten it for painting worked better. Temporary basting along the seam and fold lines with non-stretching thread helped. But after reading Wynn's review I might try just not taking my next one apart at all :)
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i was pretty happy with this tie. i had read reviews about how difficult it is to dye wash and keep straight. i can't say that it came out perfect quality to sell but as a gift i thought it looked great. it took the dye beautifully washed and dried fine and just came out slightly wavy in the end but im sure no one will notice except me.
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These print fantastically! The ties are definitely high quality and I foresee future orders!
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