Pure Wool Scarves

Closed selvage sides, unfinished ends

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Pure wool gauze scarves! These scarves are 100% wool, loosely woven like a gauze fabric and have unfinished ends. The sides are closed selvage, though the scarf ends are unfinished. They are super soft, for wool, look amazing and are perfect for dyeing and felting. 

Perfect as a base for nuno or needle felting, and they dye perfectly with Dharma Acid Dyes.

Not the right size? No problem! We have two weights of 100% wool fabric available as well so you can make anything you need.

Sewn with cotton thread.

Made in: INDIA (IN)

Category: Apparel & Accessories > Clothing Accessories > Scarves & Shawls

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I some of the 22" x 90" scarves using some of Dharma's super amazing natural cochineal (the reddest I have used yet!). I also stamped some maple leaves on them with Jacquard's heat set fabric paint - They turned out fantastic. They iron up really nice too!. Just make sure to scour before dyeing (I know sometimes you do sometimes you don't but with these do for sure). The natural dye takes evenly throughout the scarf and the scarf after wash is very soft. I really want to buy another dozen of these for sure. Worth it!.
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This fabric is very thin and yet not as drapey as I would like. The unfinished edge makes it look kind of cheap. I'm not sure I will be able to sell these for as much as I need to since they are on the pricy side. I wish they were more like a pashmina-style scarf with a heavier drapier weave.
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LIKE BUTTA!! I didn't have a whole lot of expectations before I got my hands on this stuff but I certainly wasn't expecting how utterly sensuously soft it is!! Wool fabric around my neck?...I dunno...Really!? YES!! Absolutely PERFECT for an over-the-top Nuno felted piece of textile art of course but in reality this surprisingly sturdy sumptuously warm and somehow ethereal floaty phenomenon of a fabric simply dyed with an acid process would make a luxurious and welcome gift for anybody. Love it. Love that it comes in a ready made scarf with this gorgeous little frill of a shagged fringe edge...O.M.G...Becky...
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I recently did a big local Christmas Craft show and out of the 48 wool scarves I have ordered I only have 18 left. They were very popular. I dyed them with natural dyes and they took the colour beautifully. My only problem is that the Canadian loonie is so low so it might be a while before I order more. Buy these for Natural Dying - They are amazing!.
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Update on my review saying they where as good as the Italian scarves...after washing they are definitely inferior not bad for the price though so I'll have to sell them at a cheaper cost.
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