Silk Cosmetic Bag - Unquilted 10mm Habotai

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5" x 9"
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So we had a quilted silk habotai cosmetic bag (#SCBH) but we gathered from customers that the quilting makes it a little difficult to paint and dye. So, we had a new little bag made for us without the quilting. 

Made from 100% silk habotai, sewn with silk thread, with a zipper (that actually zips) along one long edge. At approx. 5” by 9”, this little bag is goldilocks (perfect, not too big, not too small). Great as a small handbag, cosmetic case, carrying case for big sunglasses, whatever.

Made in: CHINA (CN)

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I had high hopes for these but have been utterly disappointed. The zippers are terrible. They don't close completely once they've been unzipped. The zippers (and the fabric the nylon coil zipper is on...) stayed bright white when they were dyed. Out of a dozen dyed only 3 zip completely 6 don't zip completely and have 12-inch of zipper fabric sticking out and 3 don't zip at all - no matter how hard I tug. These were all dyed with procion dyes (soda ash method). Maybe they're better if you just use them white?
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I prewashed the silk to dye and 2 of the 4 zippers just crumbled and fell off. Very disappointed.
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BUYER BEWARE - I didn't read these reviews and I guess I should have. So far 25% of the zippers are bad.
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A little stiffer than I would prefer zipper could be better quality too. What would be really nice is if the zipper had an opening for attaching a decorative piece to the pull. It would really help dress up the painted bags and the current pull is tiny and hard to grasp.The price is right though and once painted- they really do look great!
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Very soft silk dyed beautifully. Zipper nicely sewn into the bag.
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